3 Best Foam Cannon for Sun Joe SPX3000 in 2022

Say one thing, what do you do when your favorite car or bike is covered with dust, mud, paint, or dirt? Of course, you clean it. But do you think soap or a normal washer can wipe them off totally?

No. You need to have a pressure washer for this task. And with a pressure washer, you have to connect a good foam cannon. This write-up has the exact excess to this conversation.

We have discussed the best foam cannon for Sun Joe SPX3000 (pressure washer), actually three of the bests, to introduce you to the finest and cleanest solution.

Here you’ll be able to find some excellent reviews and we’re sure after reading this, you’re definitely going to buy one.

Let’s jump right into the explanation then!

3 Best Foam Cannon for Sun Joe SPX3000 to Give Your Vehicle a Perfect Wash!

We’ve gathered our top 3 foam cannons after some detailed and resourceful research for weeks. No matter what you choose from them, your vehicle will be shining, we guarantee that!

1. Sun Joe SPX-FC34 34-Ounce

Sun Joe SPX-FC34 34-Ounce Snow Foam Cannon for SPX Series Electric Pressure Washers

The first foam cannon on our list is Sun Joe SPX-FC34, and it’s one of the best (seriously!). This cannon right here is famous for its touch-free foamer and the way it deep cleanses any vehicle!

Well, most of us ride our bike, car or bicycle at a very high speed or some of us go for an off-riding session sometimes too.

For that, you need to take care (clean) your 2 or 4-wheelers specially. And that requires a foamy, thick, and touch-free foam cannon which you’ll easily get here!

Sun Joe SPX-FC34 is very much high-powered to clean the vehicle gently but fully from a wide-angle. It blends the water and soap so perfectly that you’re bound to have a deep cleansing for your baby (vehicle)

Not only this, but also you’ll get an adjustable pressure if you connect this with your SPX3000. With that force, you can simply coat your car with a layer of snow foam. This will eventually help you to clean the hook and nook of your car.


  • Comes with high-powered and thick lathered foam for dirt cleaning
  • Can blend soap and water gently to deep cleanse
  • Very easy to coat the vehicle with a sudsy layer
  • All Sun Joe SPX series will be compatible with it
  • Has adjustable pressure to clean from a wide-angle


  • The neck of the bottle should be stronger

2. McKillans Foam Cannon

McKillans Foam Cannon Professional Grade Adjustable Lance Pressure Washer Jet Wash

We all love professional products as they’re super durable and good in the long run. McKillans is just like that. It’s compatible with every gas and electric washer, leak-resistant, durable and remarkable in cleaning. What more do you want?

So starting off with the comfy and supportive foaming solution, McKillans will literally provide you with the thickest sud ever to cover your vehicle properly.

And this thick lubricated sud will be working as a magic foam to deep cleanse your car. At the same time, the bike or car paint won’t come off, the dirt from all those speedy rides will be cleaned, and your beast will stand in a totally new form!

The durability of this item is hands down top-notch too. The strong and translucent plastic will be there with you for a long time, and you can enjoy the car washing as long as you want!

Therefore, you can easily adjust the foam cannon with your SPX3000 by using the knob control. Change the foam stream width, adjust the output angle and set the foam thickness, done! You’re ready for the action (we mean cleaning!)


  • Has lubricated and thick sud for deep cleansing
  • Superior in durability
  • The plastic material is top-tier with being translucent for convenience
  • Has premium adjustment setting for fast work
  • Is compatible with SPX3000


  • Can be a little expensive considered the quality

3. MATCEE Foam Cannon

MATCEE Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer Heavy Duty Foam Blaster Large Bottle Mouth Snow Foam Lance Adjustable Car Wash Sprayer for Pressure Washer

Lastly, if you’re looking for some premium, exclusive and heavy-duty foam cannon, MATCEE is right here. Yes, it’s excellent for adjustments, coating, cleaning, and keeping. Let’s see how!

Matcee is actually superior for all kinds of cleansing. You can clean your vehicle, boat, or even buildings with this gem by connecting to SPX3000.

It comes with a huge bottle mouth to pour your soup, liquid, and water easily with absolutely no waste!

Coming to the spray nozzle (the attraction of this foam cannon), it’s one of the best out there to adjust the nozzle simply for washing purposes. You just need to find the water stream and select it at how it works for you.

In addition, there are adjustable soap and water buttons for you to choose whether it’ll be more foam (Minus-) or less foam (Plus+). Choose and spray, just like that!

Then again, the bottle has a large capacity to wash more, a rubber ring to resist leakage, a clear line mark for easy holding and humanized design for convenience. Absolutely impressive we believe!


  • Comes with an adjustable spray nozzle for a decent fan pattern
  • Is enough big to wash the whole car
  • A rubber ring is designed to avoid leak
  • Clear mark line ensures comfy usage
  • Has a wide neck for easy water and soap pouring


  • The quality of the bottle material should be upgraded

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to attach Sun Joe foam cannon?

To attach the foam cannon to Sun Joe, you need to connect it to the wand of the pressure washer. Fill the cannon with soap, and water, unscrew the wand of your washer, fit the cannon into there, adjust the spray wand of it and done!

Your foam cannon will be connected to the Sun Joe.

  • Why is my foam cannon not working?

The major reason why your foam cannon isn’t working is, that maybe you didn’t wash the spray nozzle properly after the previous task. The stud there might be stuck and causing issues

Wash it again and then try to clean your vehicle.

  • Can you use a foam cannon with any pressure washer?

Of course, a foam cannon with a pressure washer is the best way to clean your car, bike, boat, or any vehicle. You need to connect them together and cleanse all the dirt.

Try to use the SPX3000 pressure washer for better results

  • How many PSI do you need for a foam cannon?

A foam cannon need a good amount of pressure and volume to work effortlessly. The minimum requirement of PSI for it is 1100 with the 1.5 GPM output.

If you need premium ones, try 1500 PSI and 2 GPM output!

  • What kind of pressure washer do I need for foam cannon?

You need a pressure washer that has a minimum of 1100 PSI and a GPM of 1.5 as an output. It’ll give a great volume, pressure and efficacy in the long run.

The Bottom Line

That’s the finale of our article. We tried our best to introduce you to the best foam cannon for Sun Joe SPX3000. There are three of them and now it’s your turn to select one and make it a bestie for your car cleaning purposes.

However, use the product very carefully every time. If you think you can’t handle it alone, seek professional help.

All the best!

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