5 Best Glass Greenhouse Kits in 2023

Looking forward to growing crops in the most controlled weather conditions to produce food as usual? Getting the best glass greenhouse can fulfill this desire without any issues whatsoever!

Due to the continuous invasive aggressions of GMO (Genetically modified food) foods in the food market, people, in general, are looking for an alternative source of food production. Many have switched to backyard farming, where they grow the basic food supplies on a smaller scale. Some, tired of the hectic struggle to find natural food and the prevalence of artificiality and chaos, have turned to a complete off-grid solution. More and more people turn towards greenhouse solutions to increase the homegrown veggies and plants for a more authentic and natural way of life away from the dark and rusty artificiality.

Our Top 5 Picks

Best Traditional Greenhouse: Exaco Junior Victorian Greenhouse

Coming with highly reinforced tempered glass and a stunning old-school Victorian design, this can be the ideal freestanding outdoor greenhouse for a quality authentic farming experience!

Best Indoor Glass Greenhouse: H Potter Glass Terrarium Plants

With great looks, made with tough and durable materials, this one’s your indoor haven for the small plants. Coming at around only 1.81 kgs’ this lightweight terrarium is your ideal indoor greenhouse to move it from one place to the next wherever it suits whenever!

Most Stylish: Purzest Glass Terrarium

Coming with premium glass and a base made with premium-grade materials, this is one stylish terrarium you can bring to lighten up the dark indoors every time!

Best Budget: Ferrisland Glass Terrarium Flower Case House Shape

With compact and durable sodium-calcium construction, this is one of the budget options you can bring to lighten up the rooms within the price range!

Best Overall: Urban Born Birdcage Large Glass

Perfect from all the perspectives, this unique Birdcage terrarium would transform the home environment with its presence every time!

Top 5 Best Glass Greenhouse Kits Reviews

So, in our detailed guide, we’d like to present you with some of the best glass greenhouses available at the moment. Let’s quickly follow through and find your one out!

1. Exaco Victorian – Best Large Glass Greenhouse

First on our list is the Exaco Junior Victorian outdoor glass greenhouse. If you’ve been looking for a premium class glass greenhouse option all this time, then Exaco Junior’s Victorian is something you should opt for.

Well, the thing that we want to talk about first is the look. Coming with an old school architecture, this one by Exaco Junior gives a more classy, elegant vibe. The old British build makes an excellent justice to its name because the highly aristocratic appearance may fool you into believing that it’s Victorian craftsmanship.

If you’re living in windy, cold climate region, it can be a matter of stress, especially for those who love to have a greenhouse. On top of it, if you’re getting a greenhouse close to the wood cabin, then you’d require a powerful solution that can withstand the heavy winds.

Well, this is where Exaco Juniors Victorian comes up. They’re built highly durable, making them perfect to battle out midscale winds. Built using a tempered glass greenhouse setup, this is an ideal option for you.

On top of that, it also has a quality insulation mechanism due to the highly well-designed window and roof opening systems.

One thing that can bother you a bit is the installation instructions. They could’ve been slightly improved.

But all in all, this looks like a standard item to go for any moment.

Key Feature

Heavy Weight: Naturally, glass greenhouses are meant to be a bit heavy. At 807 pounds you’d require extra transports to get it delivered.

Long and Wide: Coming with an overall dimension of 150x93x100 inches, it’s a large greenhouse to keep many plants

Tempered Glass Build: Built using sturdy tempered glasses.


  • Offers a stunning old-fashioned Victorian outlook.
  • Sturdy enough to withstand bad weather
  • Quality insulation with sliding doors and roofs
  • Long space to house many plants


  • It doesn’t provide many installation guidelines

2. H Potter Glass Terrarium Plants – Best Mini Glass Greenhouse

At the second spot, we have a more strangely attractive item on the list. Compared to the Exaco Junior’s Victorian, this one is almost the opposite; the glass greenhouse is small and compact, perfect for an indoor planter. 

H Potter’s glass terrarium looks unique with its out-of-the-box design. It’s a tiny miniature greenhouse that you’d want to have in your bedroom.

As a result of its outstanding design, it makes a sophisticated indoor greenhouse and works as a gift piece.

This terrarium has a steel-made body while the glass covers the open areas. Hinged roof construction can be opened anytime to offer the required ventilation anytime. As a result, your plants would grow quicker and more potent.

A steel base and 3 mm thicker glass offers the durability you want.

Further, the entire item is built without any lead, making it much more environment-friendly.

One thing that may seem slightly problematic is, the top portion of the item may seem slightly wobbly. Apart from that, everything else sounds quite good and should make a quality indoor greenhouse anytime!

Key Feature

Lightweight Build: At only 1.81 kilograms, this is unbelievably light.

Material: This glass greenhouse mini is a mixture of steel and glass build. Gives a more admirable outlook overall.

Color: Base comes in black contrasted with white 3m glasses.


  • Unique design makes it an extraordinary add on as an indoor greenhouse
  • Steel and thick glass makes it sturdy despite the smaller size
  • The hinged roof offers much-required ventilation
  • It doesn’t weigh much, so you can quickly move from one room to the next


  • The top portion may seem a bit wobbly

3. Purzest Glass Terrarium – Best Small Glass Greenhouse Kit

This is yet another quality item on the list. If you’ve been looking for a tabletop terrarium planter, then this particular small glass terrarium is something you should check out!

Much like the H Potter’s terrarium, we talked about. Lately, this one, too, is a small greenhouse item that is unbelievably lightweight. Coming at only 2.95 pounds, you can quickly move it from one room to the next. You can also alter the positions where it’d get the most sunlight.

This item’s design is luxurious, with neatly polished frames, base, and glasses; this looks like a premium product and can certainly transform the overall look of an entire room!

If you’ve been looking to plant succulent plants such as air plants, moss, cacti, fern for beautiful home decoration, this is the perfect item to go for.

It may look small and fragile, but the material used in the composition is challenging. The glass is built using sodium-calcium while the frame is made of copper, giving it the outstanding durability, it deserves.

One issue you may find a bit unsettling is the watering. If you put too much water, it can leak. But as it houses succulents, it won’t require that much water anyway.

Key Feature

Weight: At around only 2.95 pounds, it’s pretty light.

Tabletop Greenhouse: 11x9x7.5 inches in dimension, should make a quality small tabletop greenhouse.

Made for succulents: Mainly focused on housing succulent plants.  


  • Quality durable build quality
  • Significantly light and can be moved easily
  • Good for housing succulents
  • Outstanding premium design


  • Putting too much water can leak

4. Ferrisland Glass Terrarium Flowers Case House Shape

Here is another unique terrarium you can go for right now. Let’s find out what Ferrisland’s glass terrarium has to offer!

It’s a small terrarium solution if you’ve been searching for compact greenhouses to have succulents like air plants, moss and fern.

Glass clarity is often a matter of inspection in terrariums. If the greenhouse glasses are clear enough, they will display the plants inside with the utmost attractiveness and offer outstanding light transmission. And that’s precisely what it provides as the glasses are made with premium sodium-calcium materials.

On top of it, the design of this item is extraordinary. Much like the Purzest’s Glass Terrarium, this one too comes in a small glass shape with an outstanding appearance.

Being only 3.2 pounds in weight, you can quickly move it from one place to the next, and overall it makes an outstanding gift.

You should keep in mind that the manufacturers have openly stated that putting in too much water would be prone to leaking. So, you should add a water-absorbing layer beforehand.

Keeping that minor flaw aside, this should be a quality terrarium you can go for any day.

Key Feature

Color: The glasses are apparent without any color, while the frame is of black copper,

Weight: Weighs only 3.2 pounds and easily transportable,

 Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 x 8 inches, small and compact.


  • It comes with a compact and superior design,
  • The lightweight build makes it transportable,
  • Outstanding sodium-calcium material provides optimum glass clarity,
  • It makes a beautiful habitat for succulents.


  • May need to lay anti-water leaking layer to make it leak-proof

5. Urban Born Birdcage Large Glass

Finally, we have the Urban Born’s Birdcage terrarium. If you’ve been looking for something flashy, then this birdcage terrarium can offer that. Let’s find out more about it.

First of all, it comes with a unique sort of design. Unlike the previous Ferrisland or Purzest Terrarium, it doesn’t come with a house-shaped design. Instead, it features an out-of-the-box, premium birdcage design that would surely soothe the guests’ minds with its elegance and style.

Like most of the other terrariums, this one offers a grand haven for highly decorative succulents like moss, cacti, fern and other air plants!

It may look small but the base is built using copper glassed from all the way around, making it a durable item you can go for any time.

Furthermore, being lightweight, you can easily carry it to desired places.

The issues are almost similar to the ones we talked about before. This one isn’t wholly watertight and needs to be watered using a spray if you don’t want to see the water leaking.

But, overall, this stunning cool greenhouse is something you can have to shapeshift the house’s atmosphere completely.

Key features

Shape: It comes with an octagonal shape which makes it look much more attractive,

Weight: It’s only 1.7 kilograms in weight which is relatively easy to carry around,

Dimensions:  With 9 x 9 x 10 inches in overall length, the terrarium is compact in shape.


  • It comes with a stunning birdcage design that’s highly attractive,
  • Lightweight terrarium easy to transport,
  • Made using durable copper material,
  • A haven for housing succulents.


  • Water can leak if required protections are not implemented

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Types of Glass Greenhouse

There are different types of greenhouses, sizes, and shapes. And these differences exist among the glassed greenhouse as well. Here we’d like to present you with some of the different types of all glasshouses.

types of glass greenhouse

Large Scale Glass Greenhouses

First, the ones we all know, the freestanding greenhouse that we all picture whenever someone utters the word. These are larger in shape. Made using heavy materials, they are permanent structures much more like a house. 

They’re placed outside; that’s why both the glass and the base have to be made with highly durable materials so that they can withstand winds and stormy weather conditions. Often you’d find these greenhouses using tempered glass for shielding from potential breakages.

Miniature Terrariums

Secondly, in the different styles of the greenhouse, you’d find terrariums. They look highly identical to the standard glass greenhouse options, but they’re a lot smaller in size.

These replica miniature greenhouses often have crystal clear glasses for a fantastic shiny outlook. Built mainly for indoor use, they’re often kept on the tabletop and used for home decor. Unlike the bigger ones, these miniature terrariums are unbelievably lightweight and can be carried from one place to the next with ease.

Lean to Greenhouse

Another greenhouse type is called the lean-to greenhouse. They’re more like the traditional greenhouse, but they’re often designed to be leaned against the house wall. This unique architectural design is used to reinforce strength and save it from potential gusty winds.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

This is another incredibly stunning greenhouse based on architecture. This dome-shaped greenhouse is built using many angular glasses. It’s way more potent than other types and can withstand severe weather conditions. Moreover, because of their rounded shape, it provides the best sun exposure.

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Why is glass considered the best? 

If you didn’t know which type of class is considered the best for greenhouse construction and why such distinctions are made, follow this section. We’d explain some of the best glass types, which are highly durable.

Annealed Glass

If you’re looking for a glass that offers a dependable quality at the least expense possible, then annealed glass is the option. They offer substantial durability more than regular float glass. So, considering the slight strengths and the glass greenhouse cost-effectiveness, the annealed glass would be an ideal option to go for.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is by far one of the most rigid glasses out there right now. If you didn’t know, tempered glass is four times tougher than the annealed glass we just talked about.

On top of that, it’s also quite heat resistant. Making it perhaps the most challenging glass you can get for a greenhouse.

Laminated Glass

Finally, the laminated glass is above all the glass types the strongest. It’s made by merging multiple glass layers, being extremely strong. This is also known as the safety glass, which makes breaking almost impossible for the intruders.

If you’re curious which one is stronger between tempered and laminated glass, then the answer is laminated glass. Its highly durable build can easily withstand rough weather conditions and should be the glass type for your greenhouse without a shadow of a doubt. It may seem slightly expensive, but depending on the unbelievable strength, it makes sense!

Why are glass panels the best options to have for the greenhouse?

Glass panels are perhaps the best option to go for when you’re getting a greenhouse. Here are some of the reasons why they’re considered the best:

Glasses are Flame-Proof

Glasses aren’t prone to fire and other such issues, which makes them a safe option altogether. It lowers down your frets and stress and offers a much more secure setup.

Stunning Appearance

Glass has this glossy crystal appearance which makes the greenhouse look stunning. Glasses have sophisticated clarity, which makes the plants inside look amazing.


Using tempered and laminated glass on the greenhouse would, without a doubt, make the greenhouse unbelievable tough and sturdy. They’re not prone to breaking easily. On top of that, laminated glasses are super strong as they’re built using multiple glasses fused.

What type of glass is used in a greenhouse?

A greenhouse can be built using different glass types. Here are a few options we’re explaining. The type of glass used for various reasons here; we’d be looking at those reasons and which glass is implemented.

In Stable Environment

In natural atmospheres, which aren’t much problematic, annealed glasses are used. Annealed glasses, as we explained, are cheaper and provide the minimum durability for environments that aren’t too rough. But in terms of using it, you should remember that these glasses aren’t meant to be used for doors or roofing. These are the most vulnerable areas of a greenhouse and need toughened options.

In Areas Where Storm Hits Frequently

You can use hardened, tempered glass for windy places, and you can see much turbulence in the air pressure, which is six times stronger than the annealed glass.

For Roofing and Doors

For the greenhouse roof and doors, you can go for the Laminated glass. Among the glass options, laminated glasses are the toughest ones. You can use this glass for the roofs and doors.

Risks of shipping glass panels

Shipping glass panels is associated with many risks. Here are some of them for a detailed explanation.

  1. They can break easily due to rough handling
  2. They can also be damaged during loading and unloading
  3. Glass panels can end up with scars and scratch marks
  4. Glass panels require extreme care and covering during shipping
  5. Shipping glass may also cost a lot more because you’d have to pay for the extra protective elements that come with it.

These are some of the risks associated with shipping glass panels. If you plan ahead, then these issues can be tackled well.

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Buying Guides of Glasshouse

Best Glass Greenhouse

Getting the best one may not be the most straightforward task to complete. That’s why we’re providing you with some of the key features present in quality greenhouse solutions.

Outer Design

This is one of the most important factors to consider, especially when you’re getting a glasshouse. Larger regular greenhouses come in hundreds of different designs, but house-shaped ones are the most common. We’d recommend you to pick and choose the design with the utmost importance. Because if you’re not focusing on the looks, it may seem a bit too uninteresting to work in the first place.

Ones that look stunning and attractive would undoubtedly make the guests feel good and appreciate your sense of elegance.


If you’re getting a terrarium to be placed inside your home or on the tabletop, try to make sure it’s light. Because heavy terrariums would be highly difficult to move from one place to another, making it difficult for you to get the required sunlight.

On the other hand, larger regular greenhouses are extremely heavy due to the large glass units.

Glass Type

While getting more extensive lawn greenhouses, what sort of glass is used is essential. Going for the laminated glass may not be the most brilliant move as they’re uselessly strong with an extreme price tag. Annealed glass, on the other hand, is cheap yet not much durable. Going for tempered glass would be the right decision as they should be within the budget and offer substantial durability to withstand windy weather.

In terms of terrariums, search for the ones that offer outstanding glass clarity for an enhanced look.


Durability is an aspect that should be taken into account all the time. Especially while getting terrariums, you should think about the durability aspect. They’re relatively more minor in design and can break with less force. That’s why you should go for something that comes with a solid copper base.

With larger-sized greenhouses, durability is of immense importance as it needs to battle the heavy winds and stormy weather outside.


  • What Is The Best Glass For A Greenhouse?

Answer: Tempered glass is perhaps the best one to go for because they offer the best protection within the range.

  • How thick should greenhouse glass be?

Answer: It should be a minimum of 3mm thick for flawless operation.

  • What glass is used in greenhouses?

Answer: Usually, annealed and tempered glasses are used in the greenhouse.

  • Are glass greenhouses better than plastic?

Answer: Yes, they provide absolute glass clarity and crystal shine. Plus, they’re also quite effective in terms of trapping heat.

  • How much does it cost to build a glass greenhouse?

Answer: It can cost around $5000 to $20,000 based on the quality.

  • What kind of greenhouse is best for gardening year-round in 10 to 10-degree snow and ice?

Answer: Getting a quality glass greenhouse is the best option for gardening all year round.

  • What’s the best way to attach glass to wood?

Answer: Getting quality premium adhesives is one of the best ways you attach woods. You can also drill in the woods for better construction.

To Sum Up 

Well, you’ve already seen how detailed and deeply analyzed our entire guide was. We tried to present you with some of the best glass greenhouses, which can be found right now, and their strengths and weaknesses so that you get an overall understanding of each item. Among the different glass greenhouses, you can go for Exaco Junior’s Victorian greenhouse. If you’re looking for a stylish smaller counterpart for tabletop decor, then Urban Born’s uniquely designed Birdcage greenhouse would be the best pick!

Glasshouses are right now one of the most trending elements that are ruling the market. A shift in the collective consciousness among people has awakened them to understand nature and made them aware of how we’re becoming more and more detached from our natural self to a more controlled, artificial one. So, get your best one from Greenhouse Megastore today and grow your food with the utmost freedom and purity right now!

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