5 Best Indoor Greenhouse Kits of 2022

Ready to let life emerge inside your bedroom?

Getting the best indoor greenhouse can surely transform the living room atmosphere to a certain degree.

During the winter, most of our houses are sealed and insulated to the point that the air circulation inside gets obstructed. On top of that, an unhealthy living environment can cause long-term physical issues. But getting a quality indoor greenhouse with plenty of plants can help reduce the inner toxicity and help sustain a healthy indoor eco-system to metamorphose the entire house completely.

Even in many spiritual traditions, you’d find the trees to be a healer, turning the negative energies into positive, entirely reshaping the energy field, and boosting the sense of positivity to a great extent!

Best Indoor Greenhouses Reviews | Bring in the Natural Vibe in Your Home!

With the advent of technology, our living standards are rapidly shifting making our lives completely lose touch with nature. Fortunately, many of us understand this issue and try to bring about a change after all. Here we have a list of top-grade indoor greenhouse systems; let’s find them out!

  1. Best Setup- Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse
  2. Best Mini Greenhouse with Light- Worth Garden Mini Greenhouse
  3. Best for Indoor Plants- Koksy – Indoor and Outdoor Greenhouse
  4. Best Humidifier- Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse
  5. Best Rated- Indoor Greenhouse Ikea

1. Home Comeplete- Quality Indoor Greenhouse Setup


Well, first on our list of quality indoor greenhouses for seed starters is the Home Complete’s 4202 Walk-in greenhouse. Let’s unravel the hidden possibilities of this indoor garden kit’s greenhouse.

If you’re trying to transform the indoor environment entirely, plenty of plants are required. And an astounding 8 sturdy shelves grow plants would offer numerous space for innumerable housing plants.

Interestingly, this item also works outdoor just as it works inside and comes with an uncomplicated assembly for quick use!

On the other hand, the PVC cover comes as an effective tool for protecting sensitive seedlings from hostile weather. The only drawback of this Home Comeplete HC-4202 is, slightly weak under severe weather. So, if by any chance you’re using it outdoors, then extra caution is suggested.

Apart from these issues, the indoor greenhouse seems like a standard greenhouse kit and should be a good deal anytime!


  • Offers a spacious indoor planting area for effective environmental transformation
  • It can also be used outdoors
  • PVC cover protects the plants from hostile weather
  • It can be utilized in different seasons


  • May find it difficult under bad weather

2. Worth Garden- Best indoor greenhouse with lights

Worth Garden

The next item on our list is another indoor greenhouse with lighting features, this time by Worth Garden. Not Like the previous greenhouse but this has tons of things to offer; let’s find them.

Coming with 4 shelves, this small greenhouse could provide you with adequate room for accommodating a good number of plants.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty shelves are built to last and provide a solid base for housing plants. So, you’re not risking fallen shelves and damaged plants. A PVC covering also protects the delicate seedlings, and small plants from highly harmful ultraviolet rays, to provide the plants with the required humidity.

Interestingly, these highly effective PVC-covering houses have zippered doors that can be opened up for adding ventilation. And to seal the deal, Worth Garden offers you an unbelievable 3 years guarantee on this item.

The PVC covering may get teared up a bit too easily. So, this is something you should be highly careful of!


  • Heavy-duty shelves hold plants without falling
  • Offers a better humid environment
  • Protects the plants from UV rays
  • Adds required ventilation through zippered cover


  • The PVC covering is a bit too delicate

3. Koksy – Greenhouse for Indoor Plants


At the third spot, we have another highly admired top pick by Koksry. While going through the item’s details, the first positive is- we encounter here is the highly polished cover it comes with. Unlike the regular PVC cover, Koksry’s indoor greenhouse features a PE covering, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and would be a great companion to the plants and the fragile seedlings.

This eco-friendly cover also offers better protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and maintains proper heat for better growth. On top of all these, the mini greenhouse comes equipped with heavy-duty frames. Amazingly, this small cold frame is strengthened to the point that it can hold 50 pounds of weight on each layer, and it’s your ticket to house lots of plants.

Although you’d use it indoors, they’re also offering you ropes and anchors so it can be installed outdoors as well!

It may have difficulty during the winter months, but on the whole, this looks like an item you can go for!


  • Eco-friendly PE covering
  • Safeguards the fragile plants from UV ray
  • Sturdy frames can hold 50lbs on each layer
  • Added ropes and anchors for outdoor use


  • Can seem slightly weak while protecting from cold weather

4. Ohuhu- Humidifier for Indoor Greenhouse

Here’s another premium greenhouse you can count on. Ohuhu’s mini greenhouse is the deal you’ve perhaps been waiting for. Let’s unmask it!

Coming with 4 shelves, it offers substantial space for holding a variety of plants and improving the indoor atmosphere to a certain degree.

Moreover, the heavy metal tubes that went into constructing this sturdy greenhouse make it a lot more durable and hold up to 23.4 pounds of weight to carry many plants without falling.

Further, it also has a PE cover. The main function of this cover is to provide basic protection for plants and seeds alike. On top of it, it’d also shelter them from extreme cold-related issues while maintaining the moisture contents inside for healthy growth overall.

Curious but don’t forget to care about the zippers of the covers. It may seem a bit too tight while closing the zipper down and may result in broken zippers.

So, we’d suggest you be slightly more careful regarding the matter. But, keeping aside small issues such as that, you should get a satisfactory service from the item and should be an excellent choice any day!


  • Let’s you carry plenty of plants on 4 shelves
  • Heavy-duty shelves less prone to breaking
  • PE covering offers basic protection
  • Maintains humidity and safeguards from cold


  • The zipper on the PE cover can break

5. Ikea- Top Rated Indoor Greenhouse

Indoor Greenhouse Ikea

Our final piece of review is the Ikea greenhouse! Unlike the rest of the multi-function, indoor/outdoor greenhouses, it’s more a single purpose-oriented pure indoor greenhouse. Let’s unravel its hidden features!

If you’ve been waiting to grow delicate seedlings and looking for a highly controlled environment for quality nurturing, then this is a special kind of item to depend upon.

Specially designed to provide a highly contained and supervisable atmosphere, this is the ideal spot for a more closely inspected seed sprouting process!

This terrarium-style greenhouse can be fully enclosed from external contacts. As a result, if you have naughty cats or other pets running and messing around the house, this is the plants’ haven.

Furthermore, the special terrarium greenhouse also comes with a vented roof on top. You can open the vents up for air to circulate well when needed.

Vent points that we should care about it whatever it is the most priority or not. Although they can be opened, some defective units may not possess the mechanism to keep them open. That’s when you’d need to put something in between the doors to keep the air flowing. We’d suggest you discuss the issue with the manufacturer beforehand so such situations can be averted.

Apart from the issue, the greenhouse looks excellent and should be a good fit for a house with pets.


  • It can be used for sprouting plants from seeds
  • Offers excellent protection for fragile plants
  • Good for a house with pets
  • Vented roof design for a better airflow


  • It can seem difficult to keep the roofs open with some units

Why an Indoor Greenhouse?

Indoor greenhouses are not any more of luxury or the display of aristocracy products. Instead, it has become a sign of a positive indoor environment and care. As a result, indoor greenhouses right now are more of a necessity than an item to showcase. Why? Let’s explore!

Best Indoor Greenhouse

To Lift our Modern House

Just imagine a modern house. Filled with wires and devices, it has become the breeding ground for negative energy. Kids and parents alike are drowning in this modern mess of technology, surrounding themselves with an endless supply of gadgets and devices, many of which aren’t needed. On top of it, the continuous flow of smartphones and Wi-Fi signals makes our houses a harvesting ground for different electric waves causing serious physical and psychological issues in the long run.

An indoor greenhouse is a solution to all these! Trees, by nature, are an element that harnesses positive energy. Told by the age-old spiritual traditions, which are being proved by science nowadays. To counter the technological pollution and replace it with natural energy, there are no alternatives to a greenhouse that can hold many plants!

Improves the Indoor Environment

Recent studies show that small houseplants cannot bring in much change for indoor air quality. But, a medium-scale greenhouse and plenty of fully grown plants can certainly make a difference.

Everyone knows that the trees absorb carbon and release oxygen. When done in tiny amounts, it’s not going to make a visible change. But, if done in numbers, they would surely help to improve the indoor environment. So, load up the greenhouse with an array of different plants and quickly help get a better home from today!

Grow Small Vegetables

Indoor greenhouses can effectively grow various small vegetables and fruits indoors without toiling under the hot temperature every day. A little bit of care and watering can result in chemical-free, herbs healthy, natural fruits and veggies for a salad.

Tired of the highly chemicalized agriculture industry, people switch to indoor greenhouse solutions for self-growing needs on a small scale!

Because of the several reasons we outline above, indoor greenhouses can be an effective solution to counter the modern-day challenges anytime!

Which Crops You Can Plant In Indoor Greenhouses?

Here, we want to list a few plants which you can grow indoors. The best plants to grow are the ones you eat.

best plants to grow in a greenhouse


The first one we’d like to mention is the lettuce. Lettuce is here because they’re easy to grow on top of. They can be grown in huge numbers. Furthermore, lettuce won’t require much rooting. So, small containers can grow plenty of lettuce without much work. You’d only need a two to four inches deep container and slightly moist soil to begin!


If you speak with any indoor plant expert, most likely, he’d suggest you grow tomatoes. Tomatoes can be used all year round on top of them can be used with almost all the foods you prepare, whether that is vegetables or meat. Moreover, being a fruit and a vegetable altogether, tomatoes contain many good nutritional elements for the body.


Carrots are another smart option overall. Like lettuce, they won’t need much room to be planted and grown. It can easily be grown under difficult climate conditions; carrots are the fruits you must go for while flooding any indoor greenhouse owner.

Red Peppers

Finally, add in your greenhouse the touch of hotness. Pepper is another vastly grown indoor plant you should bring. Like the rest of the plants, pepper would require at least half a day to grow light and be looked after during the winter days. If you can do that well, there’s a great possibility that you’ll get the fruit in the herb garden.

Well, these were some of the key fruits/vegetables which can be planted in your indoor greenhouse. Most of the options we mentioned don’t require much toil to grow and don’t require a lot of space. Instead, they provide quick fruits, which you can use in salads and other foods! So, try them all anytime you want!

DIY Idea- Indoor Greenhouse to the Fullest

Here we’d like to provide you with some tips to make the most out of an indoor greenhouse.

Getting the Plants Required Sun Exposure

As we said earlier, most of the plants we discussed require a lot of sun. So, this is a must consider before you bring in the greenhouse inside the home. The first one you should think about is where to keep the greenhouse. The smart way to provide better sun exposure is to get them in indirect sunlight or use reflectors to make sure the trees require exposure.

As you may already know, the light of the sun carries critical healthy elements, which are the most effective photosynthesis tools, a technique through which the trees produce their foods. Here we discussed, how much sun a greenhouse needs?

Caring for the Seedlings

Sprouting the seeds is one of the most critical stages of an indoor greenhouse cabinet. At the beginning stage, the plant is at its weakest point. That’s why you should offer the best care when the seed starts to grow.

You must make sure the soil remains moist and doesn’t turn to a cracking dry surface. Always put yellow water when the soil looks too dry. Adding in fertilizers is another tricky task to perform. It can get messy if you’re using them too quickly.

Instead, we’d ask you to use them when the plants are close to 6 inches in height. When they’re too small, fertilization becomes too much for them to handle; that’s why wait a while till they grow to the mentioned minimum height.

Getting the Right Soil

This is something many indoor greenhouse beginners miss out on. Getting the right soil is as important as caring for the plants.

Furthermore, you’d have to keep in mind that it’d be mostly used to grow seedlings or help the smaller plants survive the early days. That’s why it’s highly critical to find out the correct soil type.

Discuss this with the soil provider in terms of which one to go for. Trying getting soil that helps to contain and lock moisture in. Another thing that the soil should offer is better airflow. If these conditions are met, then only you should get that particular soil.

DIY Guides- How to Install the Indoor Greenhouse

Unlike their larger outdoor counterparts, setting up mini indoor greenhouses are way easier and hassle-free. Let’s look at how you can feasibly set them up for year-long plant growth.

Choosing the Best Location in the House

This is the first thing you should keep in mind while setting up a greenhouse inside the home. What to keep in mind while selecting a particular space for the indoor greenhouse? Well, we’d suggest you find a location near the balconies for helping the mini indoor greenhouse with light. As it’d offer the best source of light as well as better airflow. You don’t have to get the entire greenhouse from one place to another to get them to require light.

Set up the Seedling Trays

Most of the indoor greenhouse kits we talked about in the guide come with easy installation. On top of it, most of the manufacturers would provide you with an installation guide.

Follow along and install the plant trays. Here is one thing you should try- inspection; and that is the strength of the trays. If the trays aren’t strong enough to carry the given weight, you will ruin all the plants inside. So, we’d ask you to examine the tray joints for maximum strength.

Use the Zippered PVC Cover

After you’ve just installed the trays with strength, now is your turn to protect the trees from the outer environment. Use the PVC or PE cover to veil the entire tree formation all around. Zip them up if it needs moisture and protection from winter. And unzip them for better airflow and get direct sunlight.

Getting a mini indoor greenhouse is quite easy. It doesn’t require extra hassle like the bigger ones. On top of it, each has its own easy manuals to get the job done. So, we’re positive that you’d get a better installation if the tricks mentioned above are being applied before and afterward.

Size of Your Indoor Gardening Greenhouse

Determining the size of the indoor gardening greenhouse is crucial because the sort of greenhouse you’re bringing should be able to fit inside the designated room. If it exceeds that criteria, then getting it installed inside the house would become a difficult job.

Check if enough space for walking is there. An important factor that you should keep in mind is the natural sunlight. Moreover, depending on the availability of daytime temperatures, you should be able to calculate the potential size of the greenhouse.

The Consideration Guides- How to Buy a Good Indoor Greenhouse Kit

Getting the best greenhouse from thousands of different other picks from the market can get tricky over time. That’s why we’d like to provide you with a simple guideline. If you’re able to find greenhouses that meet the below-mentioned characteristics wholly, then it should be a good pick overall.

Spacious Enough

The main element that can contribute to improving your home’s atmosphere is a spacious greenhouse. Why? Well, indoor greenhouses with extra space would naturally help put in more plants. And more plants mean more possibility of eating up the carbon and releasing oxygen. On top of it, you’d also grow more fruits, vegetables, or flowers using that extra room.

Humidity Control

Another key factor that would turn out to be crucial is the humidity issue. If your greenhouse can completely control the humidity levels, then the plants would grow much faster and better. So, always go for the solutions that come with a quality PVC cover that offers better humidity and complete control altogether.

Adequate Ventilation

Always get greenhouses with zippered PVC or PE covering. As a result, you’d be able to manage adequate ventilation for the plants. However, the greenhouse needs to absorb the warmth during the winter. But they also need to be able to properly circulate gentle, healthy air during the summertime.

Protection from UV Ray

Indoor greenhouses are partly protected from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Still, when you’re moving them under the sun, they’d require minimum protection from the UV ray. You have to make sure the PVC or PE cover it comes with is equipped with the best UV protection technology. As a result, the plants would be safeguarded against the damaging ray.

Sturdy Frames

Finally, this is one of the most important factors to consider while buying indoor greenhouses. You must remember that the plants put on the tray are lower than the weight of the frame’s maximum weight carrying capability. If you put more weight than the frame’s capability, it will fall apart.

Every greenhouse unit would describe its maximum weight-bearing capacity. Get the one that lets you house the most plants. Well, some of the key factors discussed above you should take into consideration while buying a quality indoor greenhouse. If you’re able to find a greenhouse possessing all the mentioned characteristics, we’re positive that you’ve found a good one!


  • Can I use my greenhouse both inside and outside?

It depends on how the manufacturer would recommend you to use it. Most of the units we talked about can be used indoors and outdoors at the same time. But it can be extremely difficult for indoor greenhouses to go through a stormy season unharmed.

  • Is there a weight limit for the plants that I put in the greenhouse?

Yes. As we mentioned earlier, each greenhouse comes with a limited weight-bearing capability; going above that would result in fallen trays and damaged plants.

  • Are the greenhouses heated?

If they’re kept under the sunlight and covered with PVC or PE clothing. It will maintain the heat during the winter days.

  • How do I set up the greenhouse?

An easy installation manual comes with each unit to help you get it set up without any problems.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, we precisely outline some of the best indoor greenhouse units right now on the market. Presented their strengths and mentioned some of the drawbacks too, for you to have a comprehensive understanding of them. On top of it, our guide encompasses plenty of information on how you can pick a quality item from the market and what plants to grow in.

Right now, an environmental revolution is going on! People have understood their detachment from nature and a devastating addiction to artificiality.

So, be a part of that revolution, and bring home nature itself with the best greenhouses right now! Find your top pick and start living a natural, authentic, and energetic life from tomorrow!

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