5 Best Portable Greenhouse Reviews of 2021

You’ve just heard about the newly trending portable greenhouses and went surfing right away for possible picks? Well, you’ve managed to land at the right spot. Because here, we’d be talking about some of the best portable greenhouse you’d find in the market these days. 

Portable greenhouses offer an array of multiple advantages at the same time. You get to grow different plants in a variety of environments while moving them at several locations without laboring endlessly behind them. 

Best Portable Greenhouse list and Guide.

Right now, we’ll quickly go through a list of some of the best portable walk-in greenhouse options. We’ll try to detail them in every way possible, so it becomes easier on your part to get one that meets all the requirements without causing any issues! 

  1. Eagle Peak Portable Walk-in Greenhouse
  2. Deluxe GreenHouse 56″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H
  3. Linlux Large Portable Greenhouse
  4. Eagle Peak Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse
  5. Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Eagle Peak Portable Walk-in Greenhouse 

We’re starting with Eagle Peak’s portable walk in the greenhouse. The first thing that you can expect from this quality greenhouse is the strength. Portable greenhouses, because of their nature of being used in various climates and locations, require serious strength, which you can only find in highly sturdy appliances.   

Well, Eagle’s walk-in greenhouse offers you just that. With its reinforced, durable frame, steel ceiling and fabric walls should keep your plants safe inside. 

One issue with typical portable greenhouse solutions is that they may tend to be disturbingly small, leaving you no place to work inside. 

But with Eagle’s spacious inner space, you should be able to move comfortably to work on the plants. On the other hand, the plants also get the room to grow to their potentials. 

Another issue many greenhouse users dread is the setup of the entire item. Portable greenhouses can get unimaginably complicated and waste hours from your life. That’s why Eagle Peak designs their item in such a way that you don’t have to shed sweat behind setting it up. 

A small issue that you should rethink before a purchase is an outer net. If you’re extremely cautious about looks and want the item to look transparent, then it can be slightly problematic. Because the cover isn’t much transparent and can thus give an odd picture. But overall, this is splendid and should be a good purchase any time. 


  • Highly durable item
  • Can be used in various places without much issue 
  • Provides enough room for adequate planting 
  • Easy to set up 


  • The outer cover isn’t transparent 

Deluxe GreenHouse 56″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H

2nd on our list is the Deluxe GreenHouse! If you’ve been looking for the best portable greenhouse for winter and are worried about the greenhouse becoming too fragile to withstand heavy weather or hold out against heavy shifting from one place to another, then this could be the one to go for. 

Because, from what it seems, Deluxe gives a special emphasis in terms of securing the structural parameters of the item. Built using a strong frame and powder-coated steel in the construction makes it quite tough and sturdy for continuous long term usage under different conditions. 

If you didn’t know, overexposure to the sun’s UV-B rays can negatively impact the plants and damage the growth properties significantly. But with the UV protection capabilities of this portable unit, you’re expected to protect the plants from these severe consequences. 

The unit is also waterproof and comes with extra cold protection properties, which should deal with bad weather effectively. 

One of the issues that can seem a bit problematic is the windy weather. It may find it difficult to cope up with heavy breezes. But other than that, it should work out quite well on the whole and should be a good buy anyway! 


  • Study build quality 
  • Protects the plants from UV ray 
  • Waterproof technology 
  • Protects plants from cold weather 


  • Can face issues under windy weather 

Linlux Large Portable Greenhouse 

Right now, we’ll talk about another portable backyard greenhouse; this time, it’s from Linlux. Linlux’s greenhouse adds a layer of protection for the seedlings to grow and flowers to bloom. 

It’s quite spacious and comes with shelves, so you get to house a large array of different plants on each of its’ 3 tier long 12 shelves. 

Another interesting fact about this item is the astounding design it. Because of the intelligent design, This Linlux can ensure proper ventilation and ensure maximum air circulation, which would boost your dear plants’ growth! 

It comes with a PE cloth cover that offers a range of different possibilities, such as outstanding solar performance and UV safety. Which results in a warmer greenhouse environment for a growth-inducing plant cycle.

Finally, easy installation of the item makes the job a lot easier, and you don’t have to run to the hardware store for purchasing tools because it doesn’t require any.  

Getting it outside may have difficult consequences, especially, you’ve to be careful with it in the windy areas. Apart from the slight issue, it should make an outstanding appliance on the whole! 


  • Can house many plants 
  • Intelligent design ensures air circulation 
  • PE cloth cover keeps the inner area warm
  • Can be installed without serious labor 


  • Can break down under windy weather 

Eagle Peak Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse 

EAGLE PEAK Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse

At the fourth spot, we have another Eagle Peak item here on the list. One good thing about this special item is that it offers extensive space on the whole. This adds two benefits at the same time, you get the room to plant plenty of trees inside. While on the other hand, you also get the opportunity to look after the plants properly as it features plenty of space. 

The transparent green cover is another specialty of this item, which comes with water-resistant technology, and its PE material is odorless and nontoxic, which catches the heat inside for healthy plant growth. 

Another interesting fact about the item is, you are secure under a year-long warranty by Eagle Peak. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any issues regarding the greenhouse for a long 1 year period. Although it may have slight issues while placed outside in gusty conditions, all in all, it should perform to your expectation. 


  • Offers extensive space 
  • Easy to work inside 
  • The water-resistant cover protects the plants from rainy conditions
  • Tough PE material traps heat inside 
  • Secured under 1-year long warranty 


  • Can face difficulty in gusty conditions 

Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Finally, we have the unbelievably well-received Walk-in Mini Greenhouse by Nova Microdermabrasion. If you’ve been looking for the best portable greenhouse options, this can be a possible consideration. 

One of the great positives of this, its sturdiness. As the frame is built using a powder-coated metal frame, you can rest assured by the toughness of this item!

While being inside this greenhouse, your plants are protected from uncontrolled water flow and continuous exposure to harmful UV rays. Thereby, your plants get the most appropriate setting for the best growth possibilities. 

You may want the greenhouse to work both indoor and outdoor similarly well. In that case, this one by Nova Microdermabrasion should give you the appropriate technical design that can survive outside. Its’ ropes and anchors help secure the greenhouse to the ground firmly, which would build a strong resistance against the sudden winds that most of the greenhouse fear.

Despite the number of positives, it may tend to be prone to wear and tear after heavy use. But, all in all, this one should be a quality unit you can go for any day. 


  • Highly sturdy build 
  • The water-resistant cover protects from excessive water flow
  • Shields the plants from harmful UV ray
  • Comes with ropes and anchors for a secure grounding


  • Can be prone to wear and tear

Types of Portable Greenhouse

Types of Portable Greenhouse

It comes in various sizes and shapes. They also have diverse types that function distinctly to serve their specified purposes. Here we’d learn about some of those categories for a thorough comprehension of the idea.

Mini Portable Greenhouse 

These are some of the smallest in the field of the portable greenhouse. They are so tiny that you can even fit them on a balcony. Doesn’t weigh much, so they’re easy to move from one place to the other. 

Propagator Greenhouse 

These, like the previous one, are also quite small. It’s a small plastic tray which is covered by a plastic, transparent lid. The main purpose of such a small appliance is to germinate the seeds. Once the seeds are germinated, users can transfer them to larger greenhouses, and further use them for sprouting new seeds. 

Pop Up Greenhouse 

If you’ve seen pop-up tents, you already know how these sorts of greenhouse would look like. Similar to the pop-up tents in appearance, they’re extremely easy to put up. But one problem is, they’re a bit fragile. That’s why it won’t be the wisest of decisions to set it up in windy regions. 


Cloches are another interesting type. These are lid-like greenhouse that don’t need a setup. Just simply put them over the plants you want to protect. Cloches can be of sizes and shapes. You can use it for covering individual plants. While on the other hand, you can also utilize them for a much larger scale plantation with plastic tunnel cloches. Plastic tunnel cloches are chiefly used by vegetable gardeners.

Walk-In Greenhouse 

And then there is the Walk-In greenhouse, which we mostly talk about in the guide. Walk-in greenhouse, just as the name suggests, lets you walk inside. As a result, the user gets to examine and take care of the plants better. These walk-in greenhouses have long shelves where you can house tonnes of plans. These are larger and require a complicated setup process at the beginning. 

Hot Greenhouse 

The hot greenhouse is mainly used for growing plants that can only be grown in certain parts of the world. They mainly try to mimic the tropical or middle eastern environment to grow plants belonging to these regions without any climatic impediments. 

Setting Up a Portable Greenhouse 

Setting up a portable greenhouse isn’t a big deal. But it can seem a bit difficult if you don’t have the necessary technical understanding behind it. Let’s look at how you’re able to quickly put up a portable without much hassle. 

Getting the Parts Ready 

It’s quite crucial to check the parts of the entire set properly before you begin setting it up. The most useful part is the instruction. Most of the greenhouse set would contain a series of different instructions as to how the entire item can be put on together. So, quickly examine the manual before starting. 

Setting Up the Frame 

First, construct the frame properly in the designated area. The most crucial part of the entire task and has to be done with great care precision. Because the frame is not constructed firmly, then the greenhouse would collapse under heavy wind. 

Placing the Cover 

Once the frame is a place. Just lay down the cover on top of it. Unlike the frame, it’s quite easy to perform. 

Fix it to the ground 

Finally, you’d need to get the greenhouse firmly fixed on the ground. If it’s not possible, try looking out for permanent objects like trees, rock, or fences and tie the entire set up firmly so strong gusts won’t knock it down. 

The Design of a Portable Greenhouse 

The Design of a Portable Greenhouse

The design of a portable greenhouse is more than just about the outlook. Instead, it has a deep scientific and technical underlying that many users may miss out on. Here, we’d discuss some of the elements related to greenhouse design. 


This is one of the most important factors while talking about portable greenhouses. Some items offer plenty of space inside. As a result, it becomes easy for the users to get inside and work as he wants. On the other hand, some may not offer a large amount of room inside, which would make it difficult for you to get inside and work on the plants properly. So, this is something you should always think about before considering a portable greenhouse. 

Similarly, if you don’t own much land area to place the greenhouse then it’s better to go for smaller ones. 


Another element in terms of understanding a well-designed greenhouse is the shelf. Many quality greenhouse solutions would offer shelves to house various plants. If you’re a plant enthusiast and want to put in as many plants as possible inside it, then it’s crucial to get greenhouses with a large number of shelves. That being the case, you’d be able to place several various plants all at the same time. 

Transparent Cover

How the cover is functioning is another design perspective that you can consider. You’d find transparent covers while there are other, more thick curtains available out there. You should pick the best one that suits your aesthetic needs. Mostly, transparent covers are preferred because the trees can be seen inside, which makes it more attractive. So, the cover design is also a major point you should observe. 

Why Consider a Portable Greenhouse?

You may ask, “why should I go for a portable greenhouse in the first place?” The answer to that lies in the coming segments. 

Offers Protection 

The first reason why anyone would consider getting a greenhouse in the first place is the weather protection. Weather is highly unpredictable and the frequent changes in the atmospheric conditions can damage vegetation to the point of no return. That is why, to cope up with the constantly transforming environmental states, portable greenhouses can instantly offer a layer of protection for the plants. 

Preventing Pests 

Another major factor behind it is the presence of pests in the vegetation. Pests are responsible for wiping out tons and tons of plants and preventing the farmlands from yielding the desired crops. 

But with the use of a portable greenhouse, possibilities of experiencing such an unfortunate event are down to a minimum. Because it covers the plants from all directions, which create barriers so the pests cannot enter, and your vegetation remains safer than ever!

These are some of the principal rationales behind going for a portable greenhouse solution. You will learn more about How to Keep Bugs Out of Greenhouse

Advantages of Portable Greenhouse 

It comes with several effective outputs, which we’d be discussing in the following sections. 

Easy to Move 

When you’re moving off to a new location, having a portable would aid extensively! Because of the nature of the design of these premium appliances, they’re quite easily movable. They also come in separate pieces, which lets you fold it down into a tiny space and again set it up wherever necessary. It’s the insane transportability that makes portable greenhouses so admiring!

Ensuring Required Moisture Content  

Another reason why it’s so important for plants is the issue of heat and humidity. Each plant must get the required humidity and warmth for better growth. And a portable greenhouse aids to ensure just that. As a result, you’d notice plants growing faster and healthier than ever before! 

Disease Prevention 

It plays a critical role in terms of preventing various diseases that plants often get affected by. Because of being kept in a highly nurtured and protected environment, plants inside the item would suffer diseases a lot less than regular plants. 

Buying Guide to Get the Best Greenhouse Kit

Best Portable Greenhouse

Well, getting the best small greenhouse isn’t that simple. There are tons of items in the market and you don’t know which one is better. To get you rid of such a confusing state of mind, we’ve prepared a blueprint of methods that would help the users discern the right ones from the wrong. So, let’s look at the core criteria that make the best pop-up greenhouse.

Always Find Sturdy Appliance

Greenhouses, whether portable or not, you’d most likely use it outside. And that’s why they need to be highly sturdy. Try finding one that comes with a muscular frame. Another point of examination is, try locating whether they’re made of the powder-coated metal body. It’ll greatly enhance the strength of the entire item. 

Also, it’s important to look for whether the greenhouse can be tied and fixed to the ground well. It’d be extremely difficult in windy areas to make portable greenhouses stand on their feet without a proper grounding using ropes and sturdy cables. 

Size Matters!

Space factor is always vital while you’re considering a portable greenhouse. If you wish to have a large number of plants, then it’s best to go for larger sized options. It will allow you to get inside and work comfortably without a struggle. 

But, if you don’t have an open space in front of the house, it’s better to stick with the smaller ones. So, decide carefully based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

Make Sure It’s Well Ventilated 

Yes, trapping heat and humidity inside is an effective method to make the plants grow faster than usual. But, overheating can cause damage as well. That’s why you should find greenhouse options that come with essential ventilation properties. 

In that case, the ventilation would pump out the extra heat that can have a damaging impact. 

Protecting the Plants from UV Ray 

UV ray is problematic for both the greenhouse and the plants inside. So, you’d have to make sure the item comes equipped with the necessary UV protection mechanism. 

Most of the solutions we talked about have some sort of UV protection technology involved, which is a good thing. Because continuous exposure to this ray can have harmful impacts on the vegetation.

These are some of the key components you should check out before getting a solution for the house. We’re quite positive that if you can get a portable solution with the above-mentioned qualities present, then it’d surely provide a satisfactory service throughout the time. 

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How do you choose a small greenhouse kit, especially a portable one?

First, you’d have to determine the size based on personal needs and requirements. Then, it among the kit’s try filtering out the one that comes with a heavy covering, water-resistant technology, and UV protection mechanism available. If you’re able to fit all these categories into one item, then it’s safe to go for one right away. 

Why is a portable greenhouse good for sensitive plants?

Sensitive plants require a highly maintained weather condition. If you cannot guarantee it, then they’d die, and that’s why they’re called ‘sensitive.’ But inside a greenhouse, a static weather pattern can be achieved. So there won’t be any sudden change in the weather conditions inside, and the so-called sensitive plants would continue to grow. 

How Your Climate Affects Your Greenhouse?

If the normal temperature persists outside, then it won’t affect the greenhouse much. But in terms of extreme cold or severe heat, even it can become unbearably cold or heated. Then you’d need to have artificial ventilation or heating for the plants to survive. 

Final Thoughts 

As you’ve seen, we tried to go through the issue of the portable greenhouse as deeply as possible. Not only did we provide extensive information regarding different aspects of the appliance, but we also explained several quality portable greenhouse solutions. Our brief yet detailed guide also included an in-depth buyer’s manual, which would help anyone willing to get a solution for themselves. 

It offers intelligent solutions to complicated problems and lets you grow exotic plants in the most hostile environment. It also enlightens individuals with the virtue of knowledge through experimentation in the field of horticulture. So, why wait now? Bring your best portable greenhouse solution and grow the plants of your dreams right now! 

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