9 Best Small Greenhouses for Mini Gardening

Greenhouse gardening has established itself as a strong alternative to regular gardening in recent times. You can harvest pretty much any crop in almost any season of the year, create and maintain an artificial environment, grow better quality plants, and crop protection from the hostile environment or natural hazards using it.

Now, if you don’t have a lot of space to start greenhouse gardening, don’t worry. A massive advantage of it is that you can start your forest garden in small spaces and still get good results if you know about the best small greenhouse for mini gardening.

9 Best Small Greenhouse Kits Reviews

Ready to grow your fresh vegetables in the backyard? Do you wish to get the best mini greenhouse to enjoy the purely natural taste of home-grown crops, avoiding the chemicalized food production chain?

These Small greenhouses get you started in your greenhouse gardening journey and let you taste pure vegetables and fruits.

However, let us guide you through a comprehensive list of small greenhouses that suit your needs.

  1. Home-complete Small Greenhouse
  2. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse
  3. Ikea Greenhouse Indoor/outdoor, White
  4. Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse
  5. Worth Garden 50% Extra Wide Mini Greenhouse
  6. Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse, 4-Tier Rack
  7. Tooca Portable Small Greenhouse
  8. Purzest Glass Terrarium
  9. 40in Wide 4-Tier Mini Portable Greenhouse

1. Home Complete- Best Budget Greenhouse Kit

The home-complete mini indoor/outdoor greenhouse is a great option if you’re on a budget and looking for a sturdy design. This is made with an alloy steel-resistant aluminum frame and galvanized steel base which offers excellent durability.

Design and Material

A fantastic part is Mini greenhouse’s top cover is made with polycarbonate panels, so it is not as long-lasting as glass, but it still will get the work done. Individual parts of this are easily detachable, so you can assemble and disassemble them easily.


This flexibility with the setup process allows you to move around the product with ease. The Mini also comes with wheels in case you don’t want to disassemble it before moving it. Two of these wheels have locking mechanisms that protect the cart from rolling away on its own. Home-complete offers an outside cover that is thick yet allows for great insulation.


Now, not to mention the free instruction manual that comes free in the box, so you will not be having a hard time putting the plant house together. It is also listed in our backyard greenhouse’s top picks. See Details.


  • Alloy steel structure offers good sturdiness.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Free zip ties and wheels included.


  • Some units may be prone to bending even without a heavy load.

2. Gardman- Best Mini Greenhouse for Seed Starting

Right at the beginning of our guide, we have one of the best mini-greenhouses for tall plants that have been highly praised and admired! Gardman’s R687 can certainly be a wise pick for basic plants.

Material and Design

The Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse offers great value for its price. It has a powder-coated steel frame, so you can expect great sturdiness. The Gardman comes in strong push-fit tubular steel frames, which allow you to assemble in a matter of minutes without the help of any additional tools.


Assembling a hothouse is often something the users get overly frightened about. But with this uniquely designed piece, the installation remains as easy as it can get!


The R687 is also water and bug-proof roof vent. You can easily access this through a roll-up zippered door, which allows you to climate control like humidity by just opening and closing the zippered front flap.

The clear polyethylene cover would easily let the sunlight in, while on the other hand, 4 different shelves would let you house an array variety of plants despite the small shape of the entire item.

End Lines

However, you’ll love to know that the Gardman comes with dour 18″ deep shelves, which offer diverse planting options. Included free guy ropes and metal skates help with stability against a strong wind. It certainly doesn’t come at the lowest price, but considering the value, it does offer for the price, we can safely say it is a top-quality mini-greenhouse on the list.


  • Best for small spaces.
  • 4 Shelves offer plenty of space for keeping plants
  • Clear polyethylene coverlets light enter easily
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Resistant to water and repels bugs.


  • May not be able to stand a lot of weight
  • Shelves may seem slightly wobbly

3. Ikea- Small Greenhouse for Winter

Ikea is probably one of the best-known furniture brands in the world right now; know exactly? So it goes without saying that this product from Ikea is of high quality.

The base greenhouse is made of an alloy steel frame, so this is quite durable and highly portable at the same time. And since it is constructed at Ikea, you can expect the signature easy assembly with instructions included within the box. Its minimalistic design makes it aesthetically pleasing and can be used for decorations alongside being used as a plant house.

Due to being small in size, it is highly portable and can be placed almost anywhere inside or outside of the house. Easily detachable and adjustable roof vents can work to protect the plants from pets. It can be placed in a halfway open position, which lets air circulate within the greenhouse and keeps the temperature inside cool.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Highly portable design.
  • Takes up very little space.


  • Offers great aesthetics but low features compared to its counterparts.

4. Nova-Mini Walk-in Greenhouse Kit


Next, we have the Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse on the list! This one, too, is quite well-received and can work well for growing veggies and herbs at home.

This greenhouse safeguards the young plants when they’re at their weakest point. On top of it, you can also use it to extend the growing season. Thereby, you’d get to avail of fresh herbs most of the time of the year.

It has a walk-in design with high-end, powder-coated metal construction of the shelves and seed trays would provide a sturdy design-build that would last longer than usual.

The cover is made of PE cloth, which offers a safe-house for delicate plants in different bad or cold weather conditions. One issue that can confuse you is strength. Being a mini outdoor greenhouse, it can get highly difficult to survive extreme weather conditions.

Apart from the downside, this easy-to-install compact greenhouse can make a good add-on for anyone who wishes to grow plants at home!


  • Protects small plants at their weakest point
  • Extends the growing season
  • High-end metal construction makes the appliance last longer than usual
  • PE cloth offers proper protection from hazardous weather


  • Can fall under heavy winds

5. Worth- Best Small Greenhouses for Vegetables

If the product name didn’t already give it away, this mini greenhouse from the worth forest garden comes with the most space amongst the other contenders mentioned in this list.

The good sound is the offered space is 1.5 times wider than a regular greenhouse of the same entire structure. Also, the worth garden comes in 5 tiers, so you have 5 layers to plant different plants on. Materials used for construction are lightweight vinyl, which allows for easy portability despite the massive size.

Despite the huge size, the worthy garden mini greenhouse is very easy to assemble. It comes with UV rays-protected transparent cover that offers protection and allows you to easily observe what is going on inside.


  • Easy to assemble despite its huge size.
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Offers the most space for its dimensions.


  • Not very sturdy.

6. Ohuhu- Best Small Portable Greenhouse

The Ohuhu mini greenhouse is rated higher than all other items that we have recommended on this list. It consists of heavy-duty rustproof steel tubes, what you expect, which allows for great durability and enough sturdiness to carry a lot of weight. 4 steel wire shelves allow you to diversify your plantations by planting different plants on different trays.

A zippered roll-up door allowed you to access quickly and screened ventilation, which allows good air circulation for your plants. The assembly process is super easy and doesn’t require any extra tools. A free assembly instruction manual comes with it. All the parts can be disassembled very easily, so the Ohuhu Mini is very much portable.

Lastly, the cover is giving ultimate UV protection and heavy rainwater while also being an antioxidant, which should keep your plants safe all year round.

This isn’t rich in features, but the small form factor and the great aesthetics crown it as our top portable greenhouse.


  • Great durability according to your expectation. 
  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Good ventilation for plants.


  • May come in a defective state due to shipping issues.

7. Tooca- Portable Greenhouse for Indoor Garden


At the 3rd spot, we have a unique portable mini greenhouse indoor by Tooca. Perfect for backyards and gardens, its laid design is ideal for easily checking on the plants.

If you’re looking for plants from frost protection and increasing the humidity content for plant growth, this portable greenhouse by Tooca can be a classic item to go for.

On top of everything, it offers multiple zippered doors, lets you care for the veggies from both sides without any issues.

As it has a laid or sitting design with a tubular steel frame, it won’t catch wind like the ones that are standing. So, they keep the possibilities of wobbling and falling due to wind to a minimum.

Coming with a simple and easy-to-do installation process, it won’t bother you to plant seeds from tomorrow!

Flawed instructions can make it difficult to set it up. Yet considering the item, on the whole, it should offer you the basic glasshouse functionalities any day!


  • 2 zippered doors let you work with no impediments
  • Laid design and a sturdy frame make more prepared for windy situations
  • Offers frost protection and moisture contents
  • Easy installation process


  • Misdirected instructions can make it difficult to arrange the entire item

8. Purzest- Best Mini Greenhouse with Glass for Fern Moss Air Plants


Things are getting quite interesting as we proceed. Here, we have a Compact Greenhouse terrarium by Purzest that you might want to check out!

It’s not only a tiny form of the greenhouse but also a decorative piece that can completely transform the aesthetic scenario of your house. So, the design of this extraordinary terrarium is spectacular.

Made with sodium calcium glass that is strengthened by a copper frame. Stays crystal clear while retaining enough strength and will not break easily. Its’ dimensions are perfect for succulent plants such as air plants, moss, fern, etc.

We can keep the lid roof open or closed, depending on the need. If enough oxygen is not being passed through, then open up the lid to let it in and rejuvenate the plants instantly! Although, the door is slightly small, which makes it a bit hassling to look after the plants.

But overall, this is a beautiful terrarium that you can have in your home any day!


  • The outstanding design transforms the house
  • Can be used as a decorative piece
  • Good for succulent plants
  • Intelligent lid roof


  • The lid roof may seem slightly small

9. Best Choice- Mini Indoor Garden Green House


In the last part of the guide, we’ll be talking about Best Choice Products’ portable greenhouse solution.

A quick look into the item reveals the appliance has an intelligently longer yet wider design with 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse shelves, which would be an amazing way to house tons of plants at the same time! ‘

It comes with two access points and four zippers, which would allow you to check on the plants with ease and without getting blocked by any disturbing obstacles. Because of the increased room inside, you’d be able to organize the herbs, flowers, and veggies in the nicest manner possible.

PE cover around the frame would maintain the required humidity and maintain the ideal growth properties of the seeds. Frames with PVC joints and powder-coated metal shelves make the greenhouse sturdier, so it lasts longer.

It can be prone to wear and tear after some use, so we suggest light use and maintenance. Despite the tiny issues, the greenhouse is still relatively standard and should be an excellent addition for you right now!


  • Longer and wider design holds many plants
  • Multiple access points and zippers give enough space to check on the plants
  • Users get the ability to organize the herbs and veggies in the desired order
  • PE cover maintains the proper humidity level


  • Can be prone to wear and tear

Thought about Mini Greenhouses Project

best mini greenhouse

Let’s do some research and know all about mini-greenhouses. Why we should implement in our home whatever indoor or backyard and how many types of Greenhouses are available in the current market. Through we have covered and discussed the only small type but larger greenhouses are remained out there and have also enough good features too.

What is a Mini Greenhouse?

You may have come in contact with the term mini greenhouse in recent times quite a lot. We also discussed some mini-greenhouses that can work. But what is it? Why is it called a ‘mini’ greenhouse, and how does it differ from the regular ones?

Well, the term is generic and can show a large array of unique designs. But, to specify the term, the mini greenhouse is a smaller-sized greenhouse that is shorter than 3 meters or 10 square feet.

This type is chiefly employed to germinate seeds than growing larger plants. Metal is mostly used as a building material, but plastic can also be used. A PE cover is often used to maintain humidity and harness the sun’s heat.

Because of being small and effective, these greenhouses are up on the trend right now!

What a Greenhouse Actually Does?

We all know about the greenhouse effect as a threat to our environment. Interestingly enough, the same effect is actually used to our benefit when it comes to greenhouse gardening.

A greenhouse has a glass ceiling. It allows Light transmission into it through this glass. However, the same light that enters easily through the glass can’t get out as easily. So what enters as shorter-wavelength infrared lights turns into longer-wavelength electromagnetic energy after being captured in the greenhouse. This energy doesn’t disappear even if the sun goes down. So with the help of this energy, this stays warm, and the plants in it absorb this energy to conduct the photosynthesis process or create food for themselves.

Where the true strength of a greenhouse really comes to play is when you come face to face with an environment that is not ideal. For example: in extreme heat, you can cool it with a cooler, and in extreme cold, you can heat it using greenhouse heaters.

Why Do You Need a Small Greenhouse?  

We strongly believe that in our current day and age, you need a small greenhouse. Here are some reasons why:

Firstly, we all know about the current environmental crisis that is going on. Our earth is suffering greatly due to environmental pollution. The effects of this pollution can be seen in nature. Harsh weather conditions are a common phenomenon along with natural calamities. These can greatly affect the growth of crops in regular fields and gardens. However, since you can create an artificial environment in your glasshouse, you can keep your plants safe from outer hazards. Also, greenhouse gardening is very environmentally friendly. So if you want to help the environment while continuing your harvest, then you should consider getting a small one.

Secondly, it comes with great benefits as compared to their bigger counterparts. This is your best friend if you don’t have a lot of space. Maybe you don’t have any place to farm outdoors, so you can just settle indoors. The best small greenhouses also come with multiple layers. So in one, you can plant different crops in different layers. It is quite portable. So if you for any reason need to move around, then a small one is the best choice for you.

Thirdly, a small one serves as a great entry point to greenhouse gardening. We believe that this type of gardening is quite easy, and everyone can find success in this field. But if you would like to get some practice before moving on to a professional, then you can practice and hone your gardening at a small one. You can try growing easy-to-grow crops for beginners and gain the experience and courage to pursue greenhouse gardening professionally.

How to Grow Plants in Mini Greenhouse

Growing plants in a mini greenhouse are quite simple. You can follow the basic plant growing method out here for a quick start.

One of the key jobs of a small greenhouse is seed starting. Let’s look at how you can grow plants in it all year round!

Growing Plants in Spring

At this time of the year, you can use the mini greenhouse to grow tender plants. Use this period to enlarge the young plants and later transplant them to other areas. One key idea is growing salad crops.

They are usually grown straight from the seed. So, you can try getting fresh salads from throughout the year!

Take Advantage of it in the summertime

You can take good advantage of the automatic controls, and simulated environment of the mini greenhouse in the summertime. Especially with the protected crops like cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes.

Exploit the Benefits during autumn

Autumn is another key moment for availing the benefits of this appliance full on. You can get fuchsia and geraniums at this time, while salads like lettuce can also be planted.  

Well, if you follow this simple yet effective plan routinely, we’re highly positive that the mini greenhouse would be able to put out lots of plant harvest than usual! Employ it and enjoy the output.

Greenhouses Advantages and Disadvantages

A small greenhouse comes with so many benefits that it is almost unfair to its competitors. We shall discuss only a few major benefits here:

A very good hobby

Let’s start with the most basic premise. You might want to start greenhouse gardening casually as a pastime. A small garden is your best friend here because you don’t need to invest a lot of space, time, or resources. It takes up only a corner of your room, so you don’t have to worry about space. You can grow plants in it all around the year, so there are no time constraints.

Actually, a portable greenhouse is quite cheap, and the materials you need to grow plants like vegetable and herb garden is also very affordable, which saves you a lot of money.

Extra protection

Not everyone is going to be kind to your mini greenhouse garden. We are, of course, talking about angry mother nature and pests or rodents.

It is usually very portable. So in an event where there is hostile nature or environmental hazards outside, you can just carry your garden (you know what I mean) inside or to a safer place.

Also, since you’re not directly connected to the ground level, the pests and rodents will have a hard time infiltrating your precious greenhouse. Most comes with water and bug resistance ensuring great security.

Great flexibility or Better Mobility

The biggest benefit of a small one is its flexibility. Since a portable greenhouse comes in different layers. This actually means you can harvest a seasonal crop and prepare seedlings in a single one. Many additional attachments allow you to make them more beautiful and feature-rich. You also have the flexibility to switch between casual gardening or make an entire career out of it.

Furthermore, you can move them to desired locations, like moving them to shades during mid-summer and shifting them where they get the sun during the winter times.

Doesn’t Require Much Space

Mini greenhouses, just as the name suggests, are way smaller than the typical large-scale greenhouses. That’s why mini-greenhouses can fit in almost anywhere! So, you can utilize them even when there’s not enough space available where big greenhouses are not usable.

Grow Veggies Off-Season

Another reason why you may want to have a greenhouse is its ability to offer herb garden, flower garden, and veggie all year round—especially having off-season vegetables whenever you want them. Control the climate inside and grow your desired item anywhere!

Can be used in Experimentations

If you’re a horticulture enthusiast, then a mini greenhouse can provide tons of benefits. You can employ it heavily in terms of experimenting with different plants and how they do in controlled environments.

How to Choose a Greenhouse- Buying Guides

best mini greenhouse

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying a portable greenhouse in the market. Not all of these options are good, though. We have already presented our top picks to you in this article. But if you want to judge these greenhouses on your own or make the best decision, then we got you covered. Here is a list of things that you need to consider when picking the best one.

Aesthetics or performance?

Now some of you will care a lot about your greenhouse looks, while some of you will focus much more on how well the product performs. Both great looking and average are looking in the market.

You may not care much about how a greenhouse looks, but we would like to remind you that the greenhouse you buy will be most probably a part of your home for a good amount of time. So you must consider if you want to add to your aesthetics or not.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is the most critical and vital factor in a greenhouse. If adequate ventilation is maintained, the plants will get the necessary input to grow in the correct order.

Another positive outcome of a quality ventilation system is, it helps retain the correct temperature inside. Because of all these multiple reasons, you need to get a greenhouse that has an effective ventilation mechanism enabled.

Surrounding environment

It is known for its adaptability to the surrounding environment. But the thing about the environment is that it can get pretty hostile and extreme. So you have to consider your outside environment while buying a mini or portable.

If you buy a greenhouse or tent made with cheap materials like wood or plastic, then it might not last long in hostile weather. In this case, we recommend a resistant aluminum vented cold frame mini greenhouse kit for good durability and lightweight or steel for even better durability but heavyweight.

Also, using a polyethylene cover is cheaper than using glass, but it doesn’t last quite as long.

Scope and functionality

You will also have to consider the scope in which you would like to pursue greenhouse gardening and if functionality is enough to help you achieve your goals. If you aim to grow simple plants and just pass the time, you probably don’t need a feature-rich greenhouse. On the other hand, if you are planning to take on greenhouse gardening professionally, at a considerable scale, or to grow cultivated plants, then cheap greenhouses will probably not help you.

Size of the Greenhouse

Although all the mini-greenhouses are quite smaller in size and shape, yet, you need to understand the different types of designs that’d fit a particular place in the house.

Most have a long-standing design that doesn’t take up much floor space. On the other hand, some have a laid design that takes a bit more room but is better against windy situations.

Additional tools

Another thing to keep in mind, you will need the small greenhouse kits to work best. So make sure you consider getting a heater, cooler, light source, greenhouse cover, thermometer, seed trays, and plant pots according to your needs. Don’t drop too much money on a fancy-looking greenhouse and then not back it up with proper tools. You have to remember that it will carry and protect your plants, but you will need good seeds, light, heat, or breeze for the plants to grow correctly.

Superior Quality PE Cover

The PE cover is a highly critical element of a greenhouse. PE cover works as the main component that maintains the environment inside. So, you can guess how important this is for a greenhouse.

So, your responsibility would be to find out a greenhouse solution that offers steller PE cover with it. It’d surely play a role in terms of making the entire system work with much efficiency.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling the greenhouse remains one of the most challenging tasks for any user. If you don’t want to waste the entire day putting in a small greenhouse, it’s’ not worth it.    

And after spending the whole day behind it to see that the greenhouse isn’t standing right then, it’s a complete waste of time and energy. That’s why we’d always suggest those particular ones that don’t come with a complicated installation process.

So, if you consider these few criteria before purchase, we’re positive that it’d be possible to filter out a quality mini-greenhouse easily!


  • Can I use my greenhouse both indoor and outdoor?

Yes, you can. Most small greenhouses are portable, so you can use them both indoor and outdoor. However, do note that you might have to provide light, heat, or cold in case of indoor usage.

  • Is there a weight limit for the plants that I put in the greenhouse?

Yes, there is a limit. We don’t recommend putting heavy plants in it, made of cheaper materials like wood or plastic.

  • Are the greenhouses heated?

No, they are usually not. It depends on external sources like the sun or heaters. Some expensive models may come with built-in heaters.

  • How do I set up the greenhouse?

Usually, most greenhouses come with instruction manuals that help you set up. Some will come with links to websites that offer you a tutorial on setting up your greenhouse.

  • What can you grow in a mini greenhouse?

Some well-known and easy to grow recommendations are carrots, eggplants, asparagus, green onions, turnips, spinach, microgreens, kales, zucchini, salad greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, peppers, grapes, cantaloupe, lemons, chilies, sage, cilantro, mint, rosemary, catnip, cumin, sunflowers, marigold, peace lily, daisy, etc.

Final Verdict

The greenhouse is the future of gardening. Whether it be to grow our own plants, protect the environment, grow plants all year round without any seasonal barriers, create new jobs and careers, or just pass the time using it as a hobby, greenhouse gardening is the one-stop answer to all these issues.

Since this type of gardening hasn’t been mass-adopted by the public yet, you can start your mini greenhouse gardening journey now and get ahead of other people. We recommend using our guide to find the best small greenhouses for you and step into the future.

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