How to Make a Grow Tent Smell Proof?

Your grow tent can have a very unpleasant smell because of the plants, soil, fertilizers, bacteria, fungi, etc. inside of it. And the smell can get very potent at times.

The odor that is inside a grow tent diffuses in the air and wafts outside of it. Thus, to eliminate the odor, you must close any unnecessary holes that might be in your tent. Using items that absorb or neutralize the compounds responsible for this scent, such as charcoal filters or gels, may work too!

In this article, I will look into three such procedures on how to make a grow tent smell proof in detail. Moreover, I’ll share some useful tips that may help you do it much more efficiently. So let’s check them out!

How to Make A Grow Tent Smell Proof?

There are a lot of ways to stop grow tent from smelling. However, none of the techniques that I’ll talk about in this article will make your tent a hundred percent smell-proof. Especially if the smell inside is very potent.

Nevertheless, these techniques should remove most of the smell, resulting in a decent smell-proof tent. Let’s dive deeper into these techniques!

Using Carbon Filters

Carbon Filter

The purpose of carbon filters is to eliminate odors from the air. When using carbon filters, odor-containing gases are drawn toward the activated charcoal, which subsequently absorbs the odor. The odor molecules are attracted to the activated charcoal, where they are trapped and kept from contaminating the air.

The carbon filter often performs best when used in conjunction with a tiny fan. Grow tents are usually too small to fit in a carbon filter. Therefore, an exhaust fan is used to direct the air to the carbon filter placed outside the grow tent.

Moreover, I believe this technique will yield the best results when compared to the others.

Using Air Purifiers

LEVOIT Air Purifier

Devices called air purifiers are used to clean the air. They are typically utilized in smell proof grow tent kits to counter unpleasant scents. Toxins and pollutants can be absorbed by an air purifier; this helps to prevent odors from lingering in the air.

Filters are built into these devices, which have an amazing rate of odor removal. These devices will also remove harmful substances like carbon monoxide from the growing area in addition to scents!

Using Odor-Absorbing Gels

Odor Removing Gel

The use of odor-absorbing gel is one of the many methods for creating a smell-proof grow tent. Supermarkets sell it under a variety of brand names. This gel releases fragrance into the growing space, which works fairly well and neutralizes odor to make the grow box odor-proof.

However, this gel has a limit. It will only eliminate odors from your grow tent if you have no more than a few plants that have a strong odor. But I still prefer this than having nothing.

Replacing the gel every once in a while will show you the best results. Gel containers can be kept right outside of a grow room tent.

How To Mask The Smell From Your Grow Tent, And Make It Smell Nicer?

Instead of eliminating or absorbing the bad smell, you can try masking this smell with something that smells stronger and nicer. This will help you to hide indoor grow smell. Air fresheners are commonly used to mask the smell of your grow tent. Adding to the benefit, your tent will smell a lot nicer.

Odor-neutralizing gels can also be used, which not only absorb the bad smell but also release a different smell of their own.


Following are a few questions gardeners growing in grow tents ask.

  • Can You Use Ozone Generators To Make You’re Grow Tent Smell Proof?

Ozone generators were once used by people to mask the smell of their grow tents. Although these are effective at masking the fragrance, ozone is very harmful to both humans and animals, especially to the lungs. It can eventually result in fatal diseases. Thus, it is advised not to use ozone generators.

  • Can You Use Your Grow Tent As A Drying Tent?

A grow tent is not very good at drying due to the high humidity inside. Thus, you can buy smell proof drying tent. Not only will this help you dry your plants very quickly but also contain most of the smell within the tent.

  • Can A Smell-Proof Grow Tent Kit Be Used To Totally Contain The Smell Of Plants Inside The Grow Tent?

There is a ton of information showing that growing tents cannot effectively conceal the smell of plants and other chemicals inside. Some studies claim that the fragrance of plants being grown may still escape from growing tents even after using a smell-proof grow tent kit.


Yes, there will still be a smell wafting around your grow tent even after following each of these techniques. However, it won’t be anywhere near as potent of a smell as it was before using carbon filters, gels, air purifiers, etc.

There is nothing called a hundred percent smell proof grow tent for you to buy at the store. Thus, following these techniques will show you the best results.

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