5 Best Limbing Chainsaw in 2022 [Arborist Review]

Dear readers, we know you’re being so confused and tired about climbing those high-up ladders, then pruning the tree branches, and still not having a satisfactory outcome.

Don’t worry, here we came with the magic (yes the solution) to your sweat and tears. They’re limbing chainsaws (yay!)

The best limbing chainsaw will let you do all the cutting easily, smoothly, fast, and in a clean way. You don’t need to panic about safety and doubt your fresh cuts.

We’ll lead you to the top-tier chainsaw that’ll change your work life for good. Besides, we’ll introduce you to some tricks so you can buy the worthy machine from the market.

Let’s start the review then!

5 Best Limbing Chainsaw Review

Limbing chainsaws need to be accurate in each feature to provide you with a great outcome. That’s why here we found out our top 5 limbing chainsaws that’ll serve you to the fullest!

1. Husqvarna 120

Husqvarna Gas Chainsaws

On top of our list, here is Husqvarna, and let’s tell you that, this is one of the perfect chainsaws ever. It has an excellent anti-vibration system with air injection and an activated chain brake that’ll change your limbing task forever!

With an ideal size of 16-inch, this best Husqvarna limbing chainsaw will give you lightweight and hassle-free work. Not only that but also you can do pruning, limbing, firewood cutting, and many more with it.

It’s designed with the latest anti-vib technology that’ll help to reduce operator fatigue (vibration levels). Hence you’ll get comfy control over the trimming session. Cool, isn’t it!

Coming to the air-injection part now. Often you cut large branches of trees and the particles get stuck in the air filter. Not happening here though. The air injection will remove all that large dust in a second which will lessen the filter cleaning process.

Besides, the engine life will be guaranteed for the gasoline emissions and fuel consumption which we believe is a great deal!

Therefore, Husqvarna is safe and secure for the activated chain brake. It’ll deliver oil for lubrication to the chain part and you can limb smoothly without any danger!


  • Comes with air injection to remove large dust
  • Safe and secure with the activated chain brake
  • Gives anti vibrating result every time
  • Has an excellent engine system with less fuel consumption
  • Compact and lightweight all the way


  • The machine takes quite some time to start

2. Chain Saw, Gas, ECHO OPE – Best Lightweight Professional Chainsaw

Gas Chain Saw

We all have to do tree pruning or limbing sometimes around our house. Echo Ope is exactly for us. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and mostly for emergencies. Plus, the little powerful motor is the main character here!

You can easily cut off 6-8 inches of branches or maybe smaller with this beast. The cutting process will be simple yet strong. It’ll give up to 40-50 cuts at once and that’s really impressive, we think.

Moreover, the engine is super powerful. It’s little but the strength it holds is breathtaking. It’ll tear any type of hardwood easily and you’ll feel gentle while holding the handle!

The anti-vibration feature is also here. Without any noise, it’ll be super comfortable to do the limbing at once. No sound, no vibration, and some quality cutting. Perfect!

Finally, the lightweight aspect of this limbing chainsaw is one necessary thing to consider. We believe you don’t want to feel bulky or burdened while holding the machine, do you? That’s why Echo Ope is the hope as the best small chainsaw for climbing!


  • Small and lightweight for easy limbing
  • Anti-vibration handle allows gentle holding
  • Comes with a powerful engine for superior cut
  • Can work onto hard and tough wood easily
  • Is easy to assemble with an ideal type size


  • Need to hold properly as it’s small and lightweight

3. Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Are you someone who likes to have premium items no matter what it is? Then sit back as Greenworks is the one for you. It has everything a limbing chainsaw needs to have. Let’s see more

The compact and lightweight design is the major attraction of this chainsaw. You can efficiently hold this for tree trimming and trust us it’ll serve you the best.

On the other hand, less chain tensioning ensures easy usage along with the highest cut at once. Praiseworthy, don’t you agree?

Now let’s talk about the auto oiler which is totally life-saving. It’ll gently supply oil to the chain and bar when needed to confirm a safe and smooth cut. No worries about any risk or accidents at all!

Plus, the oil tank is transparent so you can easily observe the oil level while you’re in between your tasks.

Furthermore, the machine delivers power that’s fade-free with the help of a Lithium-ion 40V battery.

And yes, the chain pitch is around ⅜ so you can definitely imagine the best trimming and cutting ability of Greenworks!


  • Has auto oiler for convenience
  • Can trim the limbs smoothly with a strong chain pitch
  • Fade free power is included with a lithium battery
  • Offers less chain tensioning tool for easy use
  • Safe and secure for any work


  • The chain needs to be more updated

4. Worx WG323 20V

Worx WG323 20V Power Share 10 Cordless Pole Chain Saw with Auto Tension Battery & Charger Included

Next up, we have a chainsaw from Worx. Yes, you heard it right. This one’s one of the famous chainsaws in the market right now for its amazing control, auto lubrication, and strong battery power.

Well, Worx comes with the auto chain tension system to have the right tension for the task you’re doing. It’ll be straightforward and automatic just like you want.

In addition, the automatic lubrication will let you trim your tree branches more smoothly and fastly. Not only that but also the machine will last longer for this specific feature. Thus, durability is guaranteed.

Then again the battery will last for such a long time with all the 40v and 20v tools for any type of outdoor work.

You’ll be glad to know that there’s no need to add any extra tools for adjustments. With the perfect size pole (you can extend it too), you’ll be able to cut those branches before they start to irritate you (your yard or space).

Also, the pole has an on/off option to start/stop the machine without bringing it down every time.

Last but not least, you don’t need to add any gas or cord to make it work like a pro. It’ll do limbing just as it is and give you the clean cuts possible.


  • Has an ideal size to reach the tree branches
  • Provides the auto lubrication for an extra smooth cut
  • Is lightweight and compact for convenient usage
  • Can do all the work with just one battery


  • Some complaints about the chain that keeps falling off


BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw

If you’re someone who loves to be professional, look no further as you’re at the track. Thanks to Black Decker for being the most user-friendly, supportive, and comfortable lambing chainsaw out there. Plus, it has a wraparound handle which is the cherry on the top!

The adjustment system of this machine is pretty easy. You don’t need to add or remove any extra tool for the alteration, yet it’ll do its job in an accurate way!

Additionally, the oiling system of Black Decker is top-notch. The chain and bar will be lubricated so you can get the smoothest trim ever. Hence, no risk or danger is going to occur

Well, you all know how the handling part of these tools is necessary. We mean, if the handle isn’t comfortable, the cuts won’t be leveled or clean, right?

Not happening with Black decker, though, as it has a wraparound handle that keeps the control every time you’re pruning those branches. Comfy and supportive all the way.

Finally, the 10-inch chain and bar are the proper example of cutting the branches simply but fastly. The professionals go for this one, and we hope you would love this too!


  • Has an amazing oiling system for smooth cuts
  • Wraparound handle makes everything easy
  • No tools are needed for adjustments
  • The bar and chain are perfectly lengthed for quick cuts
  • Has a great adjustment setting


  • The battery system can be more updated

What to Look Before Buying the Best Professional Limbing Chainsaw

Well, we’ve already provided you with the top 5 limbing chainsaws, but there’s still more to know. You need to consider some key points before making any purchase. These’ll save your time, money, and energy. They include,

Right Size

Always look for the size of the chainsaw that you want. Some tools are small, some are large, and some are extra small or large. You need to find out what type of cutting you’ll be doing and then make a purchase according to that.

Also, the size of the saw should be at your convenience. Often, extra big tools can cause issues. Then again extra small ones can be uncomfortable to hold to.

Think carefully about this feature and then buy one.

Handle Position

Hande is the most important thing in a chainsaw as you’ll be working depending on that. The handle should be of the right size, and design and must be comfortable.

The wide and big the handle is, the more you’ll get easy access to cut those branches.

Anti-Vibration Feature

You already know how much noise and vibration it takes to cut a single branch. If you’re someone who doesn’t like noises, get yourself a limbing chainsaw that’s anti-vibrating.

Vibration causes annoyance while you’re doing your work and we believe you don’t want any interference in your pruning work.

Note that, anti or low-vibes are useful on the gas-powered saws mostly as gas ones produce more vibration.

Chain and Bar

Look carefully for the chain and bar system in your upcoming chainsaw. Most people complain about the tight or loose chains that eventually cause them inconvenience. So check out these features before buying one.

Oil and Lubrication

Last but not least, oil or lubrication located in your chainsaw will let you do all the cuts very smoothly and fastly. You should make sure if the lubrication is enough and the oil tank is translucent.

Lubrication will let the cutting faster and cleaner with less risk. On the flip side, the transparent oil tank will let you know the level of the oil easily!

How to Limbing a Tree with a Chainsaw

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are top handle chainsaws so expensive?

Top-handle chainsaws are more expensive than ordinary ones as they’re mostly used for professional purposes.

The difference is that top-handled ones have a rear handle on top of the chainsaw. You can cut the branches with one hand with them.

  • Why do loggers run chainsaw bars upside down?

The reason why loggers run chainsaw bars upside down is that the most-used areas can get some rest by this. Also, this trick extends the lifetime of your machine by 50%.

  • What type of chainsaw chain cuts the fastest?

A chainsaw named “full chisel chain’ which has the highest number of teeth that’s square-cornered is considered to be the fastest chainsaw ever.

Then again, 404 chains are also considered the fastest and most aggressive one which requires low weight too!

  • What is the lightest most powerful chainsaw?

The lightest powerful chainsaw would be the ECHO CS-2511P which weighs only 5.7 pounds. It’s a gas-powered saw and has an extreme rear handle

  • Electric or gas- which is better for delimbing?

Well, electric chainsaws are better than the gas ones as they’re light, have minimal noise, require less maintenance, are easy to assemble, and reach tree branches easily.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about chainsaws for every cutting or pruning session. We tried to provide you with the best limbing chainsaw ever and now it’s your turn to choose one from them.

We hope you’ll make a fair decision and buy one that fulfills all your requirements.

However, always be careful about using chainsaws as they’re quite dangerous.

All the best!

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