The 3 Best Dehumidifier For 2x4x6 Grow Tent

Dehumidifiers manage the humidity by altering moisture in the grow tent to suit your plant’s needs through the growing stages. Grow tents are crucial for fresh and healthy produce when you plan for indoor growing all year round.

However, what is the best dehumidifier for 2x4x6 grow tent? We have selected the top-rated optimal dehumidifier models for your 2x4x6 grow tent with their pros and cons.

With many dehumidifier brands and models in the market, securing the best quality is vital.  Let’s go through each in detail.

3 Best Dehumidifiers for 2x4x6 Grow Tent

Many qualities make a dehumidifier ideal for a grow tent. The first and major one is the floor space occupied since the floor space is limited. Following are three dehumidifiers that can suit your 2x4x6 grow tent.

1. VIVOSUN Small Space Mini Dehumidifier

VIVOSUN Small Space Mini Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

Vivosun small space mini is manufactured by Vivosun and is available in color white and in plastic material. Following more of its specs.

Small and efficient: If you’re looking for a dehumidifier that is energy efficient, Vivosun small space mini is the quality option. It is energy star rated, meaning it can maintain your grow tent’s ecosystem without cranking up the energy bill.

Besides, its small, compact design makes it ideal for a 2 by 4 feet of tent floor space, while it soaks up to 400 ml of water daily.

Big tank and warning light: This dehumidifier is designed with an auto shut-off when the tank is full. The tank gets full at approximately 1.3 L, and the C-shaped LED indicator light on the dehumidifier’s front side illuminates in red.

Quiet: Another quality of the product is that it operates quietly. It is also easy to operate since all you do is plug it in and turn it on. The C-shaped light illuminates green when it’s on, and you will hear a humming sound from the dehumidifier.

Reviews: Most positive reviewers claim it’s quiet and gets the job done in a short period. We would recommend Vivosun due to its energy efficiency and the big tank capacity, given that it’s a mini.

The following are the pros and cons of the VIVOSUN small space mini.


  • Quiet when it works
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for a small grow tent


  • Lacks a humidistat to read and calculate the moisture levels
  • Overpowered by too many plants

2.  SEAVON Dehumidifier

Seavon dehumidifier is made of ABS material and it’s available in color white. Following are more specs on this dehumidifier.

Small and silent: Seavon dehumidifier is a small but powerful dehumidifier that can fit in a 24 by 48 inches grow tent. It uses Peltier technology, which allows it to work without making too much noise, keeping it below 35 dB. Thus, it’s capable of removing 12 ounces of water in a day.

Safety feature: Another crucial feature that makes Seavon dehumidifiers ideal for your grow tent is the auto shut-off when the tank is full. The auto shut-off is triggered to prevent an overflow, and the indicator light on its front part will flash.

The blue indicator light is usually steady when the dehumidifier is working. However, the 800ml water tank can take up to two days to fill, depending on the humidity of your tent.

Performance: Seavon dehumidifier maintains the moisture levels in the grow tent below 45%. It starts to work when the temperature surpasses 45% humidity and operates at an optimum humidity between 40%RH – 80%RH.

Accordingly, the dehumidifier releases fresh air back into the environment after removing the water, aiding in cooling in the process.

Energy efficiency: The Seavon dehumidifiers are also energy efficient, using 0.54kW of electricity per day. This allows you to keep your energy bills low, especially with other electrically powered appliances in the grow tent.

Review: The top raters claim that the product works well for small spaces and removes a fair amount of water. We recommend this dehumidifier because it works well for small spaces, which makes it ideal for your 2x4x6 grow tent.

Following are some pros and cons of SEAVON Dehumidifiers.


  • Energy efficient
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Quiet when operating


  • Ideal for a few plants
  • Doesn’t perform well in a big tent

3. Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers

Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers for Home

Made by Pohl Schmitt, this dehumidifier has MD500 material and it’s also white. Following are more specs of the Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers.

Small: Pohl Schmitt electric dehumidifier is a portable and lightweight dehumidifier capable of removing up to 10 ounces of water per day. It has a 500ml water tank that can fill up within a day or two, depending on the moisture in the tent.

It’s a perfect fit for the grow tent floor space since it’s small with a dimension of 5.1” D x 6.1” W x 8.7” H.

Quiet: This dehumidifier is also quiet, mostly because it does not use compressors, which are known to be loud when operating. It keeps the noise as low as 40dB, which is barely loud, especially when Ac is on.

It is also great for a high humidity grow tent of over 80%RH and operates at temperatures between 41°F and 60°F.

Operating: Pohl Schmitt dehumidifier is easy to operate as it only has a single button to switch on and off. It has two light indicators on the front part where one labeled ‘on’ illuminates throughout when it’s working. The second full light indicator illuminates when the tank is full, as a reminder to change it.

Safety: The dehumidifier also turns itself off to avoid overflowing in case you’re not near the grow tent. With the small capacity tank, the dehumidifier is prone to getting full quicker, especially in rainy seasons.

Likewise, the tank is easy to empty and clean by disconnecting it from the dehumidifier and then removing the water drain plug. Moreover, it has a user manual that you can read for more in-depth instructions and guides.

Energy efficient: The dehumidifier is also energy efficient, using 0.504 kWh daily. This is convenient since the grow tent also uses other power products like grow lights and a fan.

Reviews: Pohl Schmitt dehumidifier has 4.2/5-star ratings based on over 3500 ratings. The top reviewers like it for its ability to draw too much water in a short time. We recommend this dehumidifier for its efficiency despite its small size, and it’s cheaper than others.

The table below contains some pros and cons of the Pohl Schmitt electric dehumidifier.


  • Quiet while operating
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable


  • Small water tank
  • Lacks a humidistat

Buying Guide of 2x4x6 Grow Tent Dehumidifier

When you’re looking forward to buying a dehumidifier, there are various qualities you should look out for. These qualities will help you choose the best product that suits your 4×4 grow tent. Let’s discuss them in detail:


The capacity of water the dehumidifier can draw from a given space within a day is key when choosing one. It should be able to satisfy the growing tent requirements to be ideal. This is the determining factor, especially if your grow tent has many plants.

Energy efficiency

Among the key qualities is the amount of energy the dehumidifier uses. Check for products with the energy star rating for energy efficiency. However, most products include an energy star rating among the qualities, like the Vivosun small Space dehumidifier.


Another essential quality is the amount of noise produced by the humidistat. For appliances used in the house, the rating should be less than 50 dB. Luckily, with the new technology, most dehumidifiers are quieter than before.

Safety features

In the spirit of energy efficiency, a dehumidifier should be able to switch itself off when a specific humidity is achieved. Also, the safety feature protects against an overflow in case the owner is away. The dehumidifier should also have visual warnings or messages in case of a problem.


The dehumidifier should be easy to operate, using only a few settings. If it is not automatic, a one-button dehumidifier is much preferred.

Tank capacity

You should also check for the dehumidifier’s tank capacity before buying. Grow tents are demanding and a small tank capacity will require to be regularly drained.


The dehumidifier should have a humidistat or hydrostat to measure the humidity in the surrounding air. It should also be able to maintain the temperature until you adjust it.


A grow tent requires more than water and soil for the plants to grow healthy and multiply yields. The air conditions are crucial, especially the moisture, which must be moderate. Although it depends on the plants, the humidity works well when it’s between 40% and 75% RH.

Dehumidifiers are responsible for controlling the amount of water in the air. While there are many brands and models, each has a quality that makes it unique and better. Hence, the reviews should help you select the one that suits your plants as choosing one is hard.

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