Can You Use Double Pane Windows For A Greenhouse?

While building your greenhouse, it’s natural to get overwhelmed with the responsibility of choosing the best materials. The most common dilemma among greenhouse builders is, “can you use double pane windows for a greenhouse?”

Let’s cut to the chase- double pane windows are a superb idea for your greenhouse, as they can trap that extra layer of heat. In addition, they’re highly efficient, especially in the cold seasons. Though a bit costly compared to other alternatives, double-paned windows save more money in the long run.

In this article, I’ll cover all the details you need to know about double pane windows and how using them affects your greenhouse. So keep reading!

What is A Double Pane Window?

What is A Double Pane Window

A double pane window is basically a regular window but consists of two glass planes. They’re also called insulating glass.  But what makes them different from single pane windows?

The gap between two glass panes is filled with Argon, an insulating gas medium that makes all the difference. And the additional layer of glass combined with the insulation medium adds an extra layer of protection.

Double pane windows are known for their cost-effectiveness. The thick layer of glass keeps the harmful UV rays out while simultaneously trapping the sunlight. As a result, it can warm up the internal environment quickly.

Can You Use Double Pane Windows for A Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are built so that nature can thrive inside them all year round.  They allow you to cultivate plants even in harsh, cold weather. In order to do so, you must ensure proper sunlight and maintain the appropriate temperature.

Double-paned windows are the perfect choice for maintaining a lush greenhouse. They transmit about 80% of sunlight so plants can get adequate energy. Compared to single pane windows, double pane windows gives you an extra layer of thickness which can keep the environment warmer for longer.

If you’re in the middle of replacing your greenhouse windows or building a greenhouse from scratch, you should definitely consider installing double-glazed windows.

Types of Double Paned Windows

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many available options of double pane windows. When selecting windows, you should take the climate of the area and what types of plants you’ll be growing in the greenhouse into consideration.

Here, I’ve discussed the different types of glasses used to make double pane windows. It’ll help you identify the glass best suited to your needs.

1. Double PolyCarbonate Glass

Double polycarbonate glasses are strong, durable, but surprisingly lightweight materials. It’s the most popular choice for greenhouse windows.

They reduce the scorching effect of sunlight by diffusing it. Their only downside is that they fall victim to scratches easily

2. Double Plastic Film Glass

Double plastic film glass is an inexpensive alternative. However, they’re best suited to small-sized greenhouses as they lack durability and are quickly damaged.

3. Double Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is made from standard glass through the thermal tempering process. They’re much stronger than regular glass. Moreover, windows made of tempered glass are aesthetically pleasing.

4. Laminated Glass

Between the laminated glasses, a layer of ethyl vinyl acetate is present, which makes it even stronger and more rigid than tempered glass. They last longer and require less maintenance.

Double laminated windows are the best option if you’re growing tropical plants inside your greenhouse.

Before selecting the glass for your greenhouse windows, check the temperature and environmental requirements for the plants you wish to raise. Choose the glass accordingly.

Advantages of Double Pane Greenhouse Windows

If you’re still unsure about getting double glazing in the greenhouse window, check out this list of all the fantastic benefits it has to offer:

Better Insulation

Double pane windows have greater thermal efficiency, so they can trap heat and sunlight better and for extended periods.

Longevity and Durability

It will be more durable and last longer than single pane windows. They don’t break or scratch easily and can withstand harsh winds and storms.


Double pane windows are energy efficient as you don’t need an additional heat source.

Better Looking

Double glassed windows are stylish and will certainly add to the beauty of your greenhouse. They come in many designs and shapes to pick the one best suited to your aesthetics.

Cost Effective

Although the initial price for double-glazing windows seems expensive, they’ll save you money in the long run. You’ll be saving a lot on repairs and replacements.


Here I have answered a few double pane windows for greenhouse-related questions.

Why do my plants get wilted after installing double pane windows?

Double pane windows will likely do more harm than good if you’re growing winter vegetation.

Winter plants don’t require huge doses of sunlight or a hot environment to grow. The insulation created by double pane windows might be damaging your plants.

Switch to single glass pane windows. Or, you can increase ventilation to let the warm air out.

What’s the cheapest option for double-paned windows?

Among double-pane window materials, vinyl is considered the least expensive. But there’s highly ineffective and aren’t suited for greenhouses.

Vinyl has high expandability, meaning it expands rapidly when exposed to heat. As a result, they outgrow their frames quickly.

 So you may get vinyl windows at a lower price, but you’ll have to spend more to replace them.

Which type of double-paned windows is better for winter plants?

For winter plants, simple plane glass windows are the most suitable option.

Winter plants don’t require much solar power and thrive in less temperate conditions. Windows made of simple glass can provide that as they have lower insulation.


After reading this article, I hope you’ll never have to ask again: can you use double pane windows for a greenhouse? There’s no better alternative than double plane windows for your greenhouse. Double pane windows are energy efficient, durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly- what more could you ask for?

In my opinion, installing double pane windows is an excellent investment for the well-being of your greenhouse. I highly recommend you give double plane windows a try. Try to get one with a reflective coating if you’re growing tropical vegetation.

Good luck and Happy Gardening!

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