Where to Put Humidifier In Grow Tent: 6 Best Places

Every grow tent needs a humidifier to preserve healthy humidity levels inside. Because if not, your plants could experience stunted growth, especially during the winter when humidity levels are low. Unfortunately, if you put the humidifier in the wrong location, this can reduce its effectiveness. So, where should you put this unit then?

You can place your humidifier inside or outside your grow tent next to the intake duct. However, you must ensure the unit is slightly above the plants to ensure maximum moisture distribution.

Interested in learning more about where to put humidifier in grow tent and how far it should be from your plants? Keep reading.

Where to Put Humidifier In Grow Tent?

best option for placing humidifier in grow tent

A humidifier is essential in keeping the humidity levels in control inside your grow tent. Unfortunately, the wrong placement of your humidifier can negatively affect your plants’ growth. So then, where do you put a humidifier in your grow room? Here are the best placement options to consider.

1. Above The Ground

One of the places you can position your humidifier is on a table or shelf at the centermost point of your grow system. It should be at least 2-4 feet high from the floor of your grow tent. This is to ensure all the crops in the grow room absorb optimal moisture.

2. Suspended

Alternatively, to save space, you could mount the humidifier on the ceiling, especially if you have a small tent. However, while mounting this unit, you must ensure it is not too close to the top. This is because the excess moisture could damage the grow tent’s roof. It should be at least 4 feet beneath your roof but not next to the grow lights.

3. Close To Your Venting Systems

Additionally, I suggest putting your humidifier where there is maximum airflow in your grow system. This can be near your tent’s oscillating fan setup or exhaust fan. Placing the device next to the venting systems ensures the humidifier can circulate moisture efficiently throughout your grow space.

4. Outside The Tent

If you are worried about the humidifier taking up a lot of space inside your grow tent, you could place it outside. You just mount it outside your grow room next to the intake duct to keep the surroundings humid. But instead of using a warm mist unit, I suggest using a cool mist humidifier for the best performance. 

5. Away From The Plants And Ac

You must never put a humidifier close to your plants or the AC. This is because too much water may condense on the leaves or soil, leading to mold issues.

Meanwhile, installing the humidifier near the AC means your air-con has to work hard to remove the excess moisture. So, the best place to position your unit is a few feet away from your crops and air-con.

6. Center Of The Room

Unless your grow room has multiple humidifiers, you should place your device at the dead center of your grow room. This is to help ensure the maximum distribution of relative humidity levels in the grow tent. If your grow room has multiple units, I suggest distributing them evenly throughout the tent.

Humidifier In, Or Outside Of the Grow Tent?

 humidifier in grow tent is inside

Overall, the best option for placing humidifier in grow tent is inside. This is because the whole setup is easy. All you’ve got to do is place it on a table or hang it on the ceiling.

You can also put the humidifier outside your grow space if it takes up too much room. I suggest placing it next to your tent’s intake duct. Alternatively, you can fit some sort of ducting or hose on your humidifier’s fan. Then, run the ducting into your grow space.

How Far To Put Humidifiers from Plants?

Ideally, the humidifier should be at least 3-6 feet from your plants. When you place the system extremely close to your plants, the leaves may burn because the air is too humid. Consequently, the leaves may turn yellow in color even when the veins are green.

Also, the excess moisture may condense on the leaves of your plants, leading to problems like powdery mildew and mold. This happens when the water sits on the leaves for very long. Eventually, your crops may wither and die.

Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier for Grow Tent?

Whether you want to use a warm or cold-mist humidifier inside your grow tent, it is perfectly okay. But overall, warm-mist units are best suited for use during winter. Do you know why? These devices are designed to raise humidity levels in the grow room through heated water. Therefore, they tend to increase the temperatures inside the growth system.

On the other hand, I recommend you use cool mist humidifiers during the hot summer months. These units usually let out cold mist into the air. Therefore, you can expect them to cool your grow tent instead of raising the temperatures.

Where to Put Dehumidifier In a Grow Tent?

Like in the case of a humidifier, you can place your dehumidifier inside or outside the grow tent. Overall, the best location would be the center of the room next to the grow lights. You can hang the unit on the ceiling or under your grow tables.

Another best location for a dehumidifier is outside. You simply connect ducts to the device and run them inside your grow room. And to ensure the efficacy of your dehumidifier, I suggest you use ducting less than 30 feet long.


Where To Put A Humidifier In A 2×4 Grow Tent?

A 2×4 grow tent is small in size. Therefore, you only need one humidifier, which you should place at the tent’s center for even moisture distribution.

Should You Use A Humidifier In Your Grow Room?

The answer to the question, should I put a humidifier in my grow tent, is a yes. Plants require constant moisture to produce healthy yields. However, their moisture needs keep changing throughout the growth stages. For this reason, you must put the humidifier in your grow tent to keep the humidity levels in check.

What Is The Best Type Of Humidifier For Grow Rooms?

I suggest evaporative humidifiers. This is because they also lower the overall temperature inside the tent apart from maintaining the correct humidity levels. Not to mention, these units are energy-saving.

Where Not To Put A Humidifier In My Grow Tent?

If using one humidifier, you must not place it in the corner of your grow tent. It will not distribute moisture evenly. Also, you should not put the device close to your plants, especially the leaves.


There are many places to put humidifiers in grow tents if you just bought one. You can set the unit on a shelf or table to keep it above the ground or suspend it above the ceiling. Alternatively, you can mount the humidifier outside the tent, near the venting systems, and center of your grow tent.

Most importantly, I recommend placing the device away from your plants. It does not matter whether you use a warm or cold mist humidifier.

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