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OWNGARDENING is your “Modern Living Guide.” We aim to provide you in-depth how-to-guides, eco-friendly garden decorating tips to get the best benefits from your garden.

Our writers, editors, and researchers are passionate about gardening. We focus on presenting tricks and tips about gardening that we love. The point is to make the gear buying task easier and comfortable. While writing on a topic, we make sure it is a highly detailed guide, so you invest your money and time wisely.

Why Should You Trust Us?

First of all, we are honest with ourselves. We buy products from the marketplace, use them, consult industry experts, take comments from consumers. Combining all these pieces of information, we prepare a detailed comparison of products and recommend to you which one you should buy.

Our team works several days, weeks, and months before on a topic to do research and interviews. When we are satisfied with the result, we publish it on our website.

We don’t choose products that are full of junk features or overpriced. Most products are “great enough” to meet our requirements and come with the best-suited price.

Overall, we offer the same products we’d buy for our home, family, and friends.

Meet Our Team

Corine J. Lago

Head of the Team

Corine J. Lago, the Head of the Team of Own Gardening, owns a gardening company based in the USA. She has more than 15 years of experience working outdoors and creating stunning landscapes for her clients.

When she was in New York due to her livelihood, she spent most of her time gathering practical knowledge on one of her friend’s greenhouse farms. The greenhouse is common in New York because of the long winter and short growing season.

Corine makes the whole plan of an article. She consults with experts, interviews consumers. Her practical knowledge helps her to make a useful guideline of how-to-guide and product reviews.

John Smith

Content Writer

John is passionate about gardening who grew up in Oklahoma. He is an experienced content writer with more than 10+ years of experience.

John loves to spend time in his front yard garden. When he was just 8, he was helping his father in the garden. Since then, he has developed a passion for growing vegetables & fruit in his garden.

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