4 Best Humidifiers For 3×3 Grow Tents & Grow Room in 2023

Humidifiers maintain the ecosystem in a grow tent and increase yields. A Humidifier adds moisture to the grow room and is among these things. Since plants differ in humidity requirement, which can range between 50% and 70%, the humidifier controls it.

However, with many brands of humidifiers, one can’t help but wonder, which humidifier should I use for a 3×3 grow tent? We have listed the 4 best humidifiers for 3×3 grow tents.

Throughout this article, we will overview them with their benefits and limitations. This will help you to pick the one with the most value for your needs.

4 Best Humidifiers For 3×3 Grow Tent With Pros and Cons

The following section reviews the four best humidifiers that suit a 3×3 grow room. Each contains some pros and cons that can aid you in decision-making.

1. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool

Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Quiet Air Humidifie-min

Pure Enrichment MistAire is our top pick among the best 4 humidifiers for 3×3. Let’s break down the several aspects below that pushed us to bring it at the top.

Compact Design: The MistAire ultrasonic cool makes a better choice when space in your grow room is limited, only occupying 250 sq ft. It’s easy to operate, with high and low settings and a 360° mist nozzle.

Impressive Runtime: It can also run for 25 hours despite having only a 1.5L tank capacity, which is truly impressive. It gives a mist output of 150 milliliters per hour.

Easy Filling and Auto Shut-off: The auto shut-off feature allows it to turn off when it detects low water in its 1.5 L tank. So, you don’t need to panic when you are out of your house and forget to shut off the humidifier.

On the other hand, topping the tank is easy. You can do this from your sink with no hassles.


  • Small Size: The humidifier is small yet effective, only occupying 250 square feet, which is ideal for any small-sized grow room
  • Longer Service Time: With over 25 hours of operation, it provides humidity for ample time before requiring it to be refilled.
  • Light Weight: The humidifier is lightweight compared to other options, which makes it easy to move around.


  • Smaller Tank: The 1.5-liter tank is small despite providing water for over 24 hours. The tank needs refilling much more often than other humidifiers with larger tanks.
  • Lacks Timers: The MistAire humidifier lacks a timer that automatically turns it off after some dedicated time. The timer is necessary when you don’t want it to run until it empties the tank.

Final verdict

The MistAire is among the best humidifier for 2×2 grow tents and other small grow rooms. Because it only holds 1.5-liter of water, and runs for 25 hours, that outperforms its counterparts in the runtime segment.

2. Levoit Humidifiers (2.4 L Water Tank)

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom Large Room-min

Levoit Humidifiers is one of the best humidifiers for 3×3 grow tents for logical reasons. Its additional features can explain well the legitimacy of picking this one as a top humidifier along with its satisfactory performance.

Low Noise: The Levoit humidifier is a great option for a quiet operational unit, as it only produces 21 dB of noise. Levoit manufactures it with the “Micro-Mist” technology, which makes its mist very fine.

Compact Design: It occupies a floor space of 290 square feet, an ideal size for small-sized grow tents. Also, the 360-degree rotational nozzle can cover the area around it.

Bigger Tank and Large Runtime: Its 2.4 Liter tank provides humidity for over 24 hours. The auto shut-off feature helps to reduce the electricity bill by shutting off the humidifier automatically when the tank is empty.

Micro Mist Technology: Though most of the humidifiers’ mist wet the floor and other elements along with the plants, Levoit is different here. The Micro Mist Technology doesn’t wet the surroundings due to its almost invisible cool mist.


  • Affordable: The unit comes at a reasonable and competitive price compared to many other fits in the market.
  • Fair Operating Hours: With over 24 hours of service time, the humidifier doesn’t require regular refilling.
  • Superior Technology: Its micro-mist technology ensures your plants don’t get wet but remains humid.


  • Bottom refilled: The humidifier has to be turned upside down when refilling, which can be hard for some people
  • Lacks Filters: The Levoit humidifier lacks filters, and users must use distilled water or risk damaging it with hard water

Final Verdict

The Levoit humidifier is cheaper and relatively quiet during operation, especially when compared to most competitors. It’s an ideal small-grow tent humidifier with its Micro Mist Technology that doesn’t wet the surroundings.

3. AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier

AquaOasis™ Cool Mist Humidefier-min

AquaOasis cool mist humidifier is a quiet 2.2-liter water humidifier you can utilize in your grow room. It features an ultrasonic operating mode that takes immediate action to humidify the dry environment. An easy-to-use knob dial is present to adjust the mist output.

Along with these features, it also featured the following.

Long Runtime with Automatic Shut-off: The AquaOasis humidifier can work for over 24 hours with its 2.2l large tank before requiring a refill. It also has an automatic shut-off just in case the water runs out when you’re not near it. The flashing red and green right can also warn you when it’s empty.

Silent Operation: One of the great aspects of this humidifier is its silent operational feature. This created less than 30db noise, which will not bother you while running nightlong.

Multiple Mist Setting: The AquaOasis features multiple mist settings. So, you can set the mist preferences based on the environment you will use it for. Also, the 360-degree nozzle allows you to cover every corner under its coverage.


  • Lifetime warranty: The AquaOasis humidifier has a lifetime warranty in case of operational failures.
  • Warning Lights: The button flashes when the tank runs empty, which helps get your attention and refill it soon.
  • Easy to Operate: The one-knob operation is easy when adjusting the amount of humidity the humidifier should have.


  • Fast Drain On high: The humidifier sometimes drains too fast when set on high. One user commented that it only lasted six hours on high settings
  • No Cleaning Instruction: The manual doesn’t provide clear cleaning instructions, and users must seek help elsewhere

Final Verdict

You can control it to produce the amount of humidity you require using its knob. Also, the lifetime warranty could be another big reason to choose this, which will keep your mind in a piece for its longevity.

4. VIVOSUN Air Humidifier 4L

VIVOSUN Air Humidifier 4L Cool Mist Humidifier,-min

Vivosun Air Humidifier is a great choice for 3×3 grow tents. It comes with ultrasonic and remote control operation. Though it has timer mode, it is limited to an 8-hour operation.

By the way, let’s break down the features of the Vivosun Air Humidifier.

Remote Control and Ultrasonic Operation: The remote-controlled Vivosun air humidifier is among the easy-to-control types of humidifiers. The inbuilt filter and air ionizer work together to produce quality humidity for plants in a grow tent.

The ultrasonic operation starts immediately functioning to humidify the surroundings. So, if you are panicked with extensive dry air around your grow plants, this humidifier could be a great relief.

Timer and Auto Shut-Off: It features timer options in case you want to run it only for a particular time, and it also auto-shuts off when it runs empty.

Larger Tank and Low Runtime: The Vivosun humidifier has a large 4-liter tank. But the irony is, it only runs 8 hours with a full tank capacity which is a significant drawback.

However, the multiple mist options allow you to set them in high-medium-low.

Noiseless and Sleeping Mode Design: One of the great features of this humidifier is its noiseless operation. It produces less than 38 dB of noise, which won’t disturb you at night. On the other hand, the sleeping mode will turn off all its lights while set manually.


  • Easy to Operate: With both remote and touch operation, the humidifier is easy to operate, especially when setting timers.
  • Large Water Tank: The larger water tank allows it to run longer before requiring a refill. The larger tanks also give freedom to the user, who can leave it for some time without regularly checking.
  • Filters and Ionizers: The filters and ionizers protect the humidifier from the effects of hard water, increasing its lifespan.


  • Expensive: Vivosun is a bit pricey compared to other humidifiers. But if you can afford it, it’s an ideal choice that you won’t regret investing in
  • Bigger: Vivosun humidifier occupies more space which might disqualify it for small spaces

Final Verdict

The Vivosun humidifier is easy to operate and contains several helpful features. It can be an ideal humidifier for your 3×3 grow room because of its quality filter and ionizer that helps to increase its lifespan.

Grow Tent Humidifier Buying Guide

When it’s time to buy a humidifier for your grow tent, there are various things to consider. They include

Size of the Humidifiers: What size is ideal for 3×3 grow tents?

Since the humidifier is to be used on a small grow tent, it should be small, though effective. For a 3×3 grow tent, a humidifier between 200 and 300 sq ft is ideal.

Features: Which features make the humidifier well-performing?

An ideal humidifier should contain features that improve its overall performance. These features include timers, auto shut-off, warning lights, etc. These features make the humidifier more user-friendly and energy efficient.

Tank Capacity: What is the ideal tank capacity for 3×3 grow tent humidifiers?

The tank capacity determines how long the humidifier can run without requiring refilling. The more capacity it has, the better for the user, as they cannot always keep checking and refilling.

Price: What is the perfect price range for a good humidifier for 3×3 grow tents?

Like most products, the humidifier should be affordable, especially when buying a smaller-capacity one. Most ideal humidifiers for a small grow room range between $30 and $100. But, as you work around the figures, remember to consider other features regarding the price to reap maximum benefits.

Night Light: Should I have an optional night light?

Since light affects the plant’s growth, the humidifier you buy should have a controllable night light. You should be able to turn it off when you don’t need it.

Easy To Fill: What determines the easy-to-fill feature?

The humidifier should also be easy to refill after it runs out of water. Most top-filled humidifiers are considered ideal and easier to refill. However, with a proper guidance manual, bottom-filled humidifiers can also be an option.

Produce Less Noise: What is the maximum noise range for humidifiers?

Since grow tents are usually indoors, the humidifier must produce less noise when running. The noise should not exceed 35 dB so that it can’t interfere with daily operations.

Flexible Nozzle: How to determine the flexibility of nozzle movement?

The nozzle should be flexible and able to produce mist in any direction. The feature is ideal when you require more humidity on various plants over the others.


While grow tents are private and capable of producing high yields, features like humidity contribute to their success. The article contains four of the best humidifiers which you can consider for your grow tent.

It also covers their different features, pros, and cons for a better understanding. By the way, consider your aspects of using the humidifier before buying. Make sure you are investing in the best one that makes the most sense regarding your needs.

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