5 Best Inexpensive LED Grow Light for 4X4 Tent in 2023

LED grow lights are pretty expensive, but you can find some relevantly inexpensive ones too. Since you are going to spend a significant amount of money, looking for the best inexpensive LED grow light for 4X4 tent is obvious.

There are many cheap but powerful LED grow lights available on the market. However, some have longer lifespans and better return policies than others. In addition, some lamps are more energy efficient than others. Therefore, you cannot just buy the first product you come across.

Nothing to worry about, though. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 inexpensive LED grow lights for your 4X4 tent.

5 Best Inexpensive LED Grow Light For 4×4 Tents

LED grow tents are not cheap. So, check them out thoroughly before investing the money. Here we have listed the 5 best inexpensive LED grow lights for tents, including their aspects of use, pros, and cons.

  1. Bloom Plus 3000W 4X4ft LED Grow Light
  2. PARFACTWORKS RA2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  3. Abriselux A1500 LED Grow Light with 4X4ft Coverage
  4. MARS HYDRO FC-E4800 4X4ft Full Spectrum Grow Light
  5. Barrina BU 2000 Full Spectrum Grow Light with IR

1. Bloom Plus 3000W 4X4ft LED Grow Light


Looking for something at a low cost, but you want not to compromise the performance? Then the Bloom Plus 3000W could be a perfect choice. The following features should satisfy you in all ways.

Dimmable Driver at Low Cost: Here comes our top pick if you want a high-quality LED to grow light but don’t want to spend a lot. One of the outstanding features of this unit is its dimmable driver at the back. This feature allows you to adjust the amount of light that reaches your plants in the range of 1.5-3.0A.

Fanless Design: You will also love this grow light boasts a fanless design, ensuring silent operation. Additionally, the lamp features an LED board with a heat sink made of thick aluminum. This helps keep the light cool while reducing the light loss for enhanced plant growth.

Infrared Radiation Light Attachment: As if that’s not enough, this unit boasts Infrared Radiation (IR) light. This feature is handy in helping your plants bloom in their initial stages and increasing the number of buds.

Power Efficient: Additionally, this inexpensive grow light utilizes industry-leading Samsung 2835 diodes. As such, the unit uses only 300 watts of power while allowing you to enjoy up to 50% higher yields. Also, the expected lifespan of the LED is 50,000 hours which is standard.

Final Verdict: With highly capable lighting ability, it’s enough to cover your 4×4 grow room.


  • 3-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers higher quality yields at lower costs
  • Excellent build quality with IP-65 waterproof rating
  • Up to 4 color temperatures to enhance plant growth
  • Easy to dim the light using a 3mm Phillips screwdriver


  • Light may run very hot if you leave it on for long
  • Having a dimming switch could be better

2. PARFACTWORKS RA2000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

PARFACTWORKS HB1000 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

Thinking of getting something at the lowest price? PARFACTWORKS RA2000 Full Spectrum provides the cheapest price range with the following incredible features.

Lowest Price: If you are on a very tight budget, consider this unit that costs less than a hundred bucks. Despite its affordable price tag, you will love this full spectrum grow light, including UV and IR spectrum. In other words, it mimics the sun, supporting all aspects of plant growth besides photosynthesis

Adjustable Feature: Another impressive thing about this best cheap grow light for 4×4 tent is its adjustability feature. For example, you can change its height based on the growth stage of your plants between 12 and 40 inches. Even better, it comes with a daisy chain, allowing you to increase the number of units you use by up to 600 watts.

Impressive Cooling System: Also included with this LED grow light for 4X4 tents are four cooling fans. This is to protect your plants from high temperatures. The light also utilizes more efficient SMD chips, ensuring improved heat dissipation by up to 200%.

Satisfactory Warranty Policy: For your peace of mind, the light comes with a 30-day return guarantee if you are dissatisfied with its performance. In addition to this, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty.

Final Verdict: You can choose it for its cheap price with performance. Also, the adjustability features could be another great consideration to pick this.


  • Saves money by using only 230W of electricity
  • Daisy chain works with any universal power cord
  • Excellent build quality for the price
  • Longer lifespan at 70,000 hours
  • Comes with rope hangers and a hanging kit for easy setup


  • No dimmable feature
  • It may be a bit loud because of the fans

3. Abriselux A1500 LED Grow Light with 4X4ft Coverage

Abriselux A1500 LED Grow Light Dimmable

Another one of our top recommendations is this full spectrum and dimmable Abriselux A1500 LED Grow Light.

Inbuilt-Dimmer Knob: Unlike our other picks, this light has a built-in dimmer knob, allowing you to conveniently adjust the light intensity from 0% to 100%. In addition, you can adjust the light’s height from 12 to 30 inches and the brightness level between 40% and 100%.

Wider Coverage: What’s more? The Abriselux A1500 is outfitted with a large aluminum board and more LEDs. Therefore, it offers more extensive light coverage than most units while ensuring maximum heat dissipation.

Low Power Consumption: The best part is that it utilizes the latest LEDs but consumes only 150W of power. As such, you are guaranteed lower running costs but higher quality yields.

As if that’s not enough, the LEDs are coated to protect them from moisture and water damage. Also, the life expectancy of the light is 100,000 hours, which is pretty impressive.

Impressive Warranty: Like other previous products in this review, this light is also covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Also included is a 30-day worry-free money-back guarantee for added peace of mind. The manufacturer also provides lifetime customer support.

Final Verdict: The 10,000 life expectancy and only 150-watt power consummation can make this a perfect choice for many grow tent owners.


  • No fan to ensure silent operation
  • Supported by top-notch customer service
  • Includes hanging cords for ease of installation
  • Super bright but with lower power usage
  • Offers exceptional coverage compared to its competitors


  • Relatively shorter lifespan at 100,000 hours
  • Water resistant but not waterproof

4. MARS HYDRO FC-E4800 4X4ft Full Spectrum Grow Light

MARS HYDRO FC-E4800 Smart LED Grow Light

If you are looking for a commercial grow light at a low price, then this is it. This MARS HYDRO unit is an excellent choice for good reasons.

Detachable Daisy Chain: First, it comes with a daisy chain that links up to 20 lights. This helps minimize the number of power cords connected to the socket while allowing a wider sunlight full spectrum.

Remote Control and Auto Dimmable: The great feature of the light is you can control the light remotely. For this, you just need to install the Mars Hydro APP and connect it to the light. OTA technology will handle all data transfer and storing tasks.

On the other hand, another great feature is its auto-dimmable characteristic. You can set the full growth feature on it, and it will automatically dim based on the month and season.

Detachable Power Supply: The light also features a detachable power supply, allowing you to remove heat from the grow space. You can mount the light remotely on the adjacent wall or on the side of your grow tent.

Powerful and Energy Efficient: If that’s not enough, the light is equipped with high-efficiency LEDs that only use 480 watts of electricity. Therefore, you will find the unit more powerful and energy-efficient than its competitors.

By the way, the light is featured by a special

Integrated Detachable Bar: Another feature that sets this unit apart from the competition is its integrated detachable bars. These bars are easy to install and are built to deliver uniform lighting for all plants. This helps ensure you get more uniform and density buds.

Final Verdict: The industrial-grade performance with remote control and auto-dimmable features are just great to pick it.


  • Includes a 5-year warranty and unparalleled customer service
  • Made of sturdy aluminum materials
  • Easy to adjust the hanging height and light intensity
  • Slim profile cooled bars for low heat output
  • IP65 waterproof


  • A little bit pricier than our other picks
  • Consumes more power

5. Barrina BU 2000 Full Spectrum Grow Light with IR

Barrina BU 2000 LED Grow Light

Here is another best cheap grow light for tent that is ideal for all growth stages. This is because it features warm white, blue, red, and IR light. Let’s break down the features separately.

Changeable Panel Angle: What makes this unit stand out is its adjustable light panel. You can change the panel’s angle based on the growth stage, ensuring your plants receive light from various directions. This helps smooth and parallel the growth of your plants.

Highly Efficient in Power Consumption: Regarding power consumption, the lights use only 200W of electricity with 816 LEDs. So, you are guaranteed higher yields at lower running costs. Even better, the unit’s high-efficient power supply is UL-certified to be safe and reliable.

Light Switch and Dimming Knob: Similar to other inexpensive units in this guide, the Barrina BU 2000 also features a light switch and dimming knob. Therefore, you can customize its brightness according to the growing stage of your plants. You can also adjust the light’s hanging height.

Fanless Design: You will also be pleased to know that this unit does not have operational fans. Instead, the light board features a thick heat sink made of aluminum materials to remove excess heat and hot spots.

Final Verdict: If you want to adjust the panel angle as per your need, Barrina BU 2000 is a good choice.


  • Water-resistant with anti-moisture properties
  • Backed by a 3-year after-service
  • Includes a dimming cable, hanging kit, and hooks for quick installation
  • Powerful and balanced super bright light
  • High-quality build for the money


  • Hanging wire included can be awful to adjust
  • Water resistant but not waterproof

LED Grow Light Buying Guide

Adjustability Features: Which adjustable feature is required?

Plants require different light intensities at various growth stages. Therefore, it is essential to get a light that you can adjust its light output.

Generally, the best cheap grow light should have a dimmable function with a knob. It should also be easy to adjust its brightness level and hanging height.

Lifespan: How long should a grow light last?

LED grow lights have a longer lifespan than other grow lights, including HID. Some units have a lifespan of only 50,000 hours which is excellent considering their low price. However, other lights have a lifespan of 100,000 hours, making them highly durable.

Cooling Features: What colling feature fits most for growing light?

Like other lights, LED grow lights also produce heat. Therefore, you should get a unit with aluminum heat sinks to help dissipate the heat. Such units boast a fanless design for quiet operation.

Alternatively, you could get a light with integrated cooling fans. However, with this option, you may not enjoy silent operation.

Light Spectrum: Which should be chosen?

Some lights will only replicate a few color frequencies, including red, white, blue, and IR.

Meanwhile, some units can replicate more colors like orange, yellow, and UV. For best yields, we suggest choosing one with more color frequencies.

Power Consumption: What should be the maximum power consumption for 4×4 grow lights?

Your LED grow lights must stay on for 16 to 18 hours daily. This may lead to increased power bills. Therefore, the best unit should consume only a little electricity.

Fortunately, all our recommendations use less than 500 watts of power. But of course, the lower the wattage, the better.

Ease of Setup: What determines the ease of setup?

Generally, LED grow lamps are easy to set up. However, it would help to get a unit that comes with a clear installation manual, a hanging kit, and rope hangers. These will make the setup easy and quick. And if you want to link more lights, get a grow lamp with a daisy chain.

Warranty and Return Policy: What is a good warranty?

Also worth considering is the return policy of the grow light, in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Some units come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, but others don’t.

In addition, some manufacturers offer a 36-month warranty against defects and poor craft. However, the best cheap LED grow light comes with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Water Resistant vs. Waterproof: Which one is ideal for grow lights?

Water and moisture-resistant can only resist water at certain degrees but not completely.

Meanwhile, waterproofing can withstand up to 1.5 meters of water pressure for at least 30 minutes. Therefore, waterproof LED lamps are better than their water-resistant counterparts.


Before we conclude, let’s check out some commonly asked questions regarding the best inexpensive LED grow light for 4×4 tent.

Q: What size LED light for a 4×4 grow tent?

For every square foot of grow space, you need an average of 32 watts. Therefore, a 4×4 tent will need approximately 512 watts for vegetative and around 600 watts for flowering.

Q: How far should grow lights be from plants?

It depends on the type of plant and growing stage. But generally, during germination, you can hang the lights as far as 36-40 inches from the plants. Conversely, the distance can be 24-36 inches for seedlings, while vegetative can be 18-24 inches.

Q: How many lumens do you need for a 4×4 grow tent?

You will need 300 to 800 lumens per square foot of grow space. Therefore, with a 4×4 grow tent, at least 12,800 lumens should work with each square foot getting 800 lumens. But this will depend on the intensity of the light and the type of plants you’re growing.


Regardless of your budget, many inexpensive LED grow lamps are available for 4×4 tents. The important thing is knowing what features to look out for to ensure you choose the right light. Generally, apart from the light’s power wattage, you also must consider its lifespan, return policy, cooling features, and dimmable function.

Keeping the above in mind, the BLOOM PLUS LED Grow Light is our best inexpensive LED grow light for 4×4 tent. This is because, besides being dimmable, the lamp consumes less power and offers maximum full-spectrum lighting. In addition, it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-years manufacturer’s warranty.

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