Do Grow Tents Stop Helicopter Detecting Heat?

I know; the topic sounds a little shady. But there are a lot of law-abiding gardeners who get in trouble for unnecessary reasons. People from law enforcement come to your house, and you have to explain that you are doing nothing wrong. But that doesn’t stop people from making stories about you.

So, the question comes naturally, do grow tents stop helicopter detecting heat?

The answer is yes. Grow tents work by stopping infrared radiation from escaping. This means that the heat from the grow lamps is trapped inside. This prevents the heat from being detected by helicopters or other surveillance devices.

This not only helps you avoid unwanted situations but also helps law enforcement agencies save time. Learn more about them in this article.

Do Grow Tents Stop Helicopter Detecting Heat?

It’s no secret that law enforcement uses thermal imaging to detect different illegal grow operations. And if they detect a heat signature in your grow tent, that will be a hassle for you, even if you didn’t do anything wrong.

However, there are ways to thwart the scan just to live a trouble-free life – one of which is using a grow tent. Grow tents stop helicopters from detecting heat, becoming increasingly popular among growers.

Not only do they protect your tent from being discovered, but they also help keep the surrounding area cooler, which is important during the summer months.

Using FLIR tech or a thermal scan, a chopper will look for a heat sign. And these types of technology cannot detect heat in the grow tent.

The grow tent will not show up on the FLIR as a hotspot because the heat is being generated by the grow lamps, not the plants themselves. This means that law enforcement can use this technology to search, and they will not be able to see the grow tents from the air.

Growing plants indoors requires special equipment to replicate the sun’s natural light and heat. Traditional grow lamps can be expensive to operate and generate a great deal of heat.

This heat must be removed from the growing area to protect the plants and the people in the space. One way to remove this heat is to use an infrared camera to detect the warm areas and direct a fan or other cooling device to those areas.

How to Reduce Heat in Grow Tent to Hide from Helicopter?

If you can follow these steps, you can reduce the heat signature in your grow tent. And the low heat can probably be the best way to hide your tent from a helicopter.

Use Oscillating Fan


When it comes to reducing the heat in your grow tent, an oscillating fan is your best friend. They’re inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily have one or two lying around in your space.

An oscillating fan will help to move the air around in the grow tent, and a clip-on fan can be attached to the side of the grow tent to help circulate the air.

If you are using an oscillating fan, make sure that it is positioned so that it will blow across the top of your plants. This will help to cool them down and also improve their airflow to stop detecting heat by helicopters in grow tents.

Another way to reduce heat is to keep the light fixtures as cool as possible. If you can, install fans on them to help keep them cool. You can also use reflective material on the walls and ceiling of your grow room to reflect heat out.

Special LED Lights Will Help


LED grow lights produce significantly less heat than traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) grow lights, making them ideal for use in enclosed spaces like grow tents.

Additionally, since LED grow lights emit very little light in the infrared spectrum, they are much less likely to be detected by aerial surveillance devices such as helicopters.

Plus, they are quickly gaining in popularity because they emit less heat than other types of grow lights, so there is less heat to detect. Moreover, they do not produce as much heat, so they are becoming a popular choice for many greenhouses and indoor gardens.

IR Blocking Film Can be a Great Help

IR Blocking Film

When growing plants in a grow tent, it’s important to use a tent that is lined with a material that will reflect light onto your plants. This will help them grow strong and healthy. However, not all materials are created equal when it comes to reflection.

Infrared radiation is emitted by all objects with a temperature above absolute zero. This means that anything with heat, including people and tents, emits infrared radiation. Law enforcement and military helicopters use infrared sensors to find illegal grow tents, which can be hot enough to be detected from up to two miles away. And if they scan your grow tent too, then it will be a hassle for you to explain everything about it even if you are not doing anything illegal.

To avoid that hassle, you need an IR Blocking Film that is specifically designed to block infrared signatures. But I want to make it clear that you should only use it to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Don’t do anything illegal.

You Need to Keep Out the Exhaust

To keep the heat from their grow tent from being detected by a helicopter, the growers will need to keep the exhaust hidden. Another way to do this is to use a carbon filter to remove the heat of the plants.

One more option is to use a fan to blow the heat away from the tent. The fan can also be used to keep the plants cool. Plus, to hide the heat from the helicopter is to install a baffle on the exhaust pipe of the grow tent. This will deflect the heat away from the helicopter and keep it from being seen.

Why do Helicopters Use Thermal Imaging Cameras to Detect Heat?

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to find people or animals who may be in distress and need help. They can also be used to find criminals who may be trying to hide from the police. Thermal imaging cameras have been used in several different settings, including law enforcement, search and rescue, and even military operations.

However, thermal imaging cameras in helicopters can detect heat signatures that are different from the surrounding environment. This is because thermal energy emits radiation at different wavelengths depending on the temperature of the object.


Here I did my best to answer a few questions regarding the topic.

Can Helicopters See My Grow Room?

When plants are cultivated in the open, police aircraft can observe illicit growing activities via their cameras.

How Do You Deal With Heat In A Grow Tent?

Use an oscillation fan or a fastened fan to keep the air moving around your tent. And this is the most simple way to get stale air circulating in your tent is all it takes.

What Happens If My Grow Tent Gets Too Hot?

Plant growth is hampered by excessive heat, which reduces yields. As a last bonus, too much light (light stress) may hinder buds from gaining weight and increase their sensitivity to heat. As a result, keeping your tent cool is easier when you have the proper lighting.

Final Words

A typical grow tent will not do a lot to prevent a helicopter from sensing a heat sign. This is because you will need a vent to remove the heat to move the heat from the tent by any means. For this reason, it is important to find the best grow tent that is designed to block heat signatures.

Next time you don’t have to wonder the question, do grow tents stop helicopter detecting heat? Now you know that a proper grow tent can hide the heat signature from a helicopter thermal scan. I hope my blog comes in handy for you.

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