5 Best Lean to Greenhouse for Gardening

Greenhouses are great options for those who want to extend the warm season and harvest more. Are you serious about it? If so, you can easily have a lean-to greenhouse in your backyard.

This list contains the 5 best lean to greenhouse for you to choose from so that you can start your backyard or balcony gardening instantly. Here, you can get almost every type of greenhouse kit from 6-shelves to portable mini, and with a roof vent for airflow.

Additionally, this article includes a buying guide, related FAQ section, the benefits of having a lean-to greenhouse, and the features and advantages, and disadvantages of each product.

So, let’s find the portable lean to greenhouse kits you’re looking for.

5 Best Lean to Greenhouse kits Review

  1. CO-Z Mini Portable Walk-in Greenhouse with PE Cover
  2. Palram Hybrid Lean Greenhouse
  3. Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse with Roof Vent
  4. Eagle Peak Portable Lean-to Greenhouse
  5. Strong Camel 6 Shelves Walk-in Wall Greenhouse

1. CO-Z Mini Portable- Best Small Lean-to Greenhouse

MaterialPE & Steel
Item Weight18 Pounds

The item includes:

  • 16 Ordinary Screw Nail
  • 16 Expansion screw nail for hard wall
  • 4 Plastic Ground Nails
  • 4 Guy Lines
  • 2 Steel Ground Nail
  • 1 PE cover
  • Steel Tubes
  • Plastic Connectors and
  • An instruction book.

Product features

However the cover is made with 130g/m² PE and the frame with steel, the product is corrosion-free and sustainable in harsh weather conditions. The hothouse has 4 ropes and 4 stakes to secure the cover with the ground to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds.

The portable small greenhouse includes a zippered roll-up door and convenience carrying system for seasonal use. It has a complimentary wired shelf with 3 vertical racks, giving you enough space for extended gardening. Moreover, it has plastic connectors to build up the structure easily.

Why did we choose this product?

The reason behind choosing this product is its convenient zippered door and sturdy steel frame that will make the product durable throughout the coming years. Additionally, it has wired shelves which is a plus for hanging planters easily. Additionally, it requires minimal effort to put together. And there are no mentionable cons. So, this CO-Z Mini is in our list for its user-friendliness.


  • Easy set-up
  • Durable structure
  • Convenient access through zipper door
  • User-friendly design


  • Only visual instruction

2. Palram Hybrid- Best Aluminum Lean-to Greenhouse

Palram Hybrid Lean Greenhouse
MaterialPolycarbonate, aluminum
Item Weight61 Pounds
ColorSilver frame, Transparent panels

The item includes:

  • Polycarbonate sliding panels
  • Aluminum frame
  • A galvanized steel base
  • Lockable Hinged Door with Magnetic door stopper
  • Rain Gutters
  • Adjustable roof vent

Product features

The sleek see-through modeling of Palram Lean-to greenhouse is very classic and has easy light access. Rust-proof, sturdy aluminum lean-to greenhouse has a structure that is virtually unbreakable with a 4 mm double wall crystal clear polycarbonate roof panel. It can bear up to 15.4 lbs. per square foot of snow loads and can also withstand 47 mph winds. This greenhouse has built-in gutters.

The roof prevents harmful UV rays up to 99.9% while providing about 90% light transmission. Additionally, it diffuses sunlight from burning the plants inside. The roof has a ventilation window to remove the excess humidity.

Why did we choose this product?

The Palram Hybrid Lean Greenhouse has a sophisticated structure along with clear visibility. Also, it’ll match with almost every type of housing pattern out there. These features make it a win-win for the price we pay for it. On top of that, the durable material will easily outlive its lifetime. Even though it’s excess put uptime, for the reasons stated above we choose this amazing product. This seems to be the most extraordinary product on our list.


  • Excellent outlook
  • Detailed instruction for easy setup
  • A value for money product
  • The classic see-through compact design has easy visibly


Requires lots of hard work to put together

3. Outsunny Walk-in with Roof Vent- Best Polycarbonate Lean to Greenhouse Kits

Outsunny Walk-in Garden Aluminum Polycarbonate Greenhouse
MaterialPolycarbonate, Aluminum Alloy
Item Weight61.6 pounds
ColorGreen frame, Opaque panels

This item includes:

  • Frosted panels with sliding door
  • 4 Ground Stakes
  • Galvanized base
  • Adjustable roof vent

Product features

The Outsunny walk-in greenhouse kits include a powder-coated aluminum alloy frame and base that are corrosion-free and peel-resistant. The galvanized steel frame can endure light rain and light wind. Incorporated 4 ground bolts make a stable base. This waterproof structure can be an amazing addition if your area faces fewer natural calamities.

This lean-to greenhouse design is compact and saves space. The twin-wall polycarbonate panel has antifreeze and heat preservation features. You’ll get about  90% light transmission through the panels and enough ventilation through the built-in vent. The single door has a sliding feature for easy access.

Why did we choose this product?

Our pick (Outsunny Walk-in Greenhouse) is from the brand Outsunny has an amazing structural pattern with a sliding door. So, the people that are looking for an easy entrance, should take this one. Moreover, the anti-freeze material is suitable for the chilly winter weather. So, we choose this product as a winning item in our list even though it takes hefty construction hours.


  • Space-saving compact size
  • UV protection
  • Waterproof
  • Heat preservation
  • Roof ventilation for good air circulation


  • Requires long assembling hours and a helping hand

4. Eagle Peak Portable- Best Walk-in Lean to Greenhouse

EAGLE PEAK Portable Lean to Walk-in Greenhouse
BrandEagle Peak
MaterialPolyethylene cover & Steel frame
Item Weight30.3 pounds

The item includes:

  • Strong guy rope
  • PE cover
  • 3 settings push pin tubes

Product features

This portable walk-in greenhouse has a simple attach-and-lock canopy frame set up. The open canopy frame is foldable. The frame has built-in hooks for hanging pots and planters.

The push-button system makes it easy to close. The adjustable height feature has 3 levels to use according to your necessity from the lowest height of 7.54’ to the peak height of 8.2’. The roll-up window can provide enough ventilation when necessary.

Why did we choose this product?

We picked this product for its easy portability and fast setup. This product from Eagle Peak features mesh-reinforced fabric which is durable and eco-friendly. Hence, the plants get a suitable environment to grow. Additionally, it has two doors for easy access. So clearly, you can take this product if you don’t want to put the greenhouse on the side of the wall.


  • Easy set up with the adjustable height
  • Convenient portability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Two doors ensure easy access


  • Two open doors don’t let the heat to retain inside

5. Strong Camel 6 Shelves- Best 6 Shelves Greenhouse Kits

Strong Camel New Large Walk-in Wall Greenhouse
BrandStrong Camel
MaterialPolyethylene cover & Steel frame

This item includes:

  •  Steel tube
  • 1 PE cover
  • Plastic connector
  • 6 Shelves
  • Accessories
  • 1 Instruction

Product Features

The greenhouse from Strong Camel includes 3 tiers- 6 shelves for convenient storage options. The PE cover is UV-protected and durable under all weather conditions. The sturdy frame has plastic connectors for easy assembly. The 10′ wide, 5′ length, and 7′ height, make it the most spacious walk-in lean-to greenhouse on the list.

The included shelf has a dimension of 15.7” H, and 11” W. The PE net cover ensures high humidity for tropical production, protecting from birds and insects and also frost and freeze.

Why did we choose this product?

This 6 Shelves walk-in lean-to greenhouse from Strong Camel has additional shelves to store your gardening gear and put the planters on them. This UV-protective greenhouse is perfect if anyone is looking for a spacious lean-to greenhouse. Moreover, there is a sturdy and durable structure to give your mini artificial garden a long durable lifetime. So, there is nothing to dislike about it.


  • Can hold strong against the wind with the secured tent
  • Retains indoor temp
  • Sturdy but lightweight frame


  • May find incomplete instruction

What is a Lean-to-Greenhouse?

A lean-to greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that needs support to lean on for a stable structure. Hence, the name is ‘lean-to’ greenhouse. This frame house has three sides and requires back support from a long wall or other structure.

Advantages of a Lean-to Greenhouse

  • A great option for urban gardening and growing seasonal vegetables and herbs for an extended time.
  • Costs less than a four-sided greenhouse.
  • Portable options are available for easy shifting.
  • Weatherproof covers protect the plants from getting exposed to harsh elements.
  • Requires less space than a conventional greenhouse for their structured figure.
  • Easy house and power access.
  • They can better heat retention.
  • Can easily fit in a more compact space.

Lean-to Greenhouse Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages of the lean to greenhouse as well.

  • You’ll need a wall or structure for the greenhouse to lean-to.
  • The greenhouse will require a frost-free footer.
  • The space is very limited.
  • You may face building code issues if not taken permission in advance.

Buying Guides to Get The Top lean to greenhouses

Some particular features are the benchmark of the top-quality greenhouse. So, what are they? Let’s find out.

best lean to greenhouse kits


The best lean-to greenhouses are made of standard materials to outstand their lifetime. However, a better material will definitely increase the cost but look for the sturdiest materials in a lean-to greenhouse. Most of them have a metal or aluminum structure and the sides are made of either plastic film or polycarbonate panels. And in winter, it prevents the plants from getting frozen.

Plastic: Plastic films retain enough heat for a greenhouse, but are not that durable. They are prone to wear and tear when exposed to harsh elements. And aren’t compatible with strong winds. But they are the cheapest option out there.

Polycarbonate: This material has a shatter-resistant capacity that makes them a more durable option than glass. It filters out Ultraviolet light excellently. However, they are opaque. So you can’t see through them. Pick at least 4 mm thick cellular polycarbonate for a three-season greenhouse or 8 mm for year-round use.

Glass: Though glass has a better heat retention ability than the previous two materials, it is prone to crack or break. However, glass greenhouses are classical and let you see through.


You can find small, large, medium, and even customized sizes when looking for a lean-to greenhouse. You should pick the best fit for your requirement.


A greenhouse requires sufficient ventilation for temperature and humidity control. Because in summer it can get way too warm inside the greenhouse that is not good for the plants inside. So, ventilation is a must-have feature for a greenhouse.

Weather Resistance

Some areas have heavy snow, where some face heavy rainfall around the year. Greenhouses need to be made of durable material to endure the elements. Weather resistance is a must-have feature in any lean-to greenhouse.

Temperature Control

In a greenhouse temperature controlling is necessary for the proper growth of the plants. Too much humidity will make the plants droopy, excess cold temperature will kill them by freezing them. So, for regulating temperature you can use some tools. For example- a HAF fan that provides horizontal airflow, a heater to retain the minimum temperature for the plants to survive, and an automated watering system can keep the right temperature.


The best product has the best warranty period, but some products may not have this facility.


What side of the house should a lean-to greenhouse be on?

A lean-to greenhouse should be kept on the south side of the house having a supporting wall on the north side…

However, for a regular greenhouse, or the lean-to greenhouses that don’t require a solid and have a sturdy structure, the ridge of the roof should run east-west for an extended period of sunlight in the winter. But only for using it in summer and spring, it can run north-south for equal distribution of sunlight on both sides.

What is the best material to use for a greenhouse?

Mainly Polyethylene/ PE and Polycarbonate plastics are used as the covering of the greenhouse. And the frame can consist of various materials, like- aluminum alloy, stainless steel etc. However, the best covering material is Polycarbonate plastic and corrosion-resistant steel for the frame. They are considered to make a virtually unbreakable bond.

Are lean-to greenhouses good?

Everything has its good sides and bad sides. A lean-to greenhouse is no different. A lean-to greenhouse is good to hold against a solid structure or wall. These compact hothouses are compatible with small spaces and apartment gardening. And they have a better heat retention capacity than the regular greenhouse.

What can I grow in a greenhouse?

You can grow more or less everything in a greenhouse. Anything from vegetables to herbs, and even fruits and flowers. The greenhouse helps the plant to survive the cold weather by retaining temperature and extends the harvesting time in the late fall. Also, you can have an advanced start for summer production seed sowing in the early spring.


Among the 5 best lean to greenhouse, you must have found the one you’ve been finding. If you still haven’t found the perfect one for backyard gardening, let me help you. If your requirement is a lean-to greenhouse with a shelf, then you can go for the Strong Camel when you don’t have a budget issue. But for a cheaper rate pick the CO-Z Mini. For a sturdy all-weather resistant durable one, there is no better pick than the Palram Hybrid.

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