How Much Wind In Grow Tent? Everything You Need To Know

You must’ve heard the term grow tent if you’re a gardener. However, they come with a sensitive problem regarding wind and how much is ample for them to grow. These tents are often used as a hobby but sometimes also used as a means for harvesting.

So, how much wind in grow tent? A wind lesser or equal to 5 miles (9km)/hr is considered ideal for a plant to grow. Nevertheless, uncontrolled wind can harm plants, and winds over 30 Mph can even kill them.

Thus, it is very important to keep proper knowledge on the matter. In this article, I’ll discuss about growing tents and the wind required in them in detail.

How Much Wind In Grow Tent?

Ventilation makes up an important factor for any plant that needs to be grown and harvested. In a grow tent, it’s nothing different. The design differs from gardener to gardener, but all in all, the basics stay the same.

A wind lesser or equal to 5 miles (9km)/hr is considered ideal for a plant to grow. Usually made from glass or plastic, this tent allows airflow to pass through, which helps create the ecosystem needed for the plant to grow.

A fluctuation of wind may affect the production yield of plants, so it’s also important to keep a constant wind that can have a positive effect on them. Too much wind can cause leaf burn or turn them over, which may also affect the growth of the plant.

I have 16 fans in my grow tent to maintain the temperature and reduce humidity. Excessive heat can be harmful as bacteria and pests may take over.

What makes outside plants different from a grow tent plant is their efficiency. A grow tent plan is developed in a controlled, appropriate environment needed for them. This makes the harvest grow faster, better, and more efficient.

Factors To Consider In A Grow Tent With Airflow

Having a grow tent is just like gardening or harvesting outside. There are a few major differences, but they are very alike. We learned the importance of airflow in a grow tent. Now let’s explore further.

A few important details that must be taken into consideration while you’re setting up your grow tent aside from wind are noted below:


Maintaining a proper temperature is important here to keep the plants healthy. So it doesn’t breed pests and other harmful bacteria. With the perfect Temperature, you can have an increased percentage yield, as shown here.


What Is Humidity

Airflow is necessary to keep the plants cool. Unrestricted humidity can cause leaves to fall apart. This brings in the question, how much wind can a grow tent take? There is no proper answer to this. It depends on the plant you’re gardening and the environment there. Uncontrolled wind flow can have a negative influence on plants.


It is another very important part. It’s also necessary to keep the water flow so that the plants remain cool. In addition to airflow, proper watering makes the plant shine beautifully.

How Much Wind Is Too Much For A Tent?

Wind can be a really helpful thing to have positive effects on plants. However, it can also turn out to be dangerous as the uncontrolled wind can harm the plants. Usually, winds over 30 Mph can kill plants.

For tents, the damage is between 15 mph to 20 mph, so it is advisable you keep the cooling fans, if you’re using them, under 5 mph, and use an exhaust fan to remove extravagant heat.

How To Maintain The Proper Temperature With Airflow?

We learned the importance of airflow, but how to maintain the temperature needed? There are many ways you can maintain a proper cooling temperature for the plants. For one, having an exhaust fan removes excess heat from the tent.

To determine the perfect CFM (cubic feet per minute) needed for your place, here’s what you can imply. (Total width x length x height)/5. This will give you the appropriate CFM needed for your tent.

Another way is to use a cooling fan. Make sure these fans use moderate airflow. Imprudent airflow can have fluctuations in temperatures.

However, keep in mind that rarely a tent can withstand wind that is too strong. Hence keep it moderate.


I’ve nearly covered everything that’s needed, so now it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions.

1) Is It Really Necessary To Leave Space For Airflow In A Grow Tent?

Yes. Without airflow, humidity and temperature will increase, which will hamper the photosynthesis process and affect the plant’s health.

2) What’s The Best Way To Ensure Healthy Plants In My Grow Tent?

Make sure to have proper everything from sunlight to airflow. Water them frequently and leave ample space to avoid congested spaces. This will allow them optimal growth.

3) Can Wind Damage Plants?

Yes, heavy winds may turn leaves and plants upside down. Plants may also get wind burn from excessive winds.


A grow room is really interesting and helpful, and it allows you to build an ecosystem you can control inside your own house! Although there are factors that need to be controlled appropriately, it’s still a fun thing to do, so much so that it’s also considered a hobby.

A grow tent needs to be handled with care as the immoderate wind can have effects on plants as well as the tent as a whole. I talked about how much wind in grow tent because it makes up an important part of the whole process.

With ample Co2 and ventilation, a grow tent can bring greater results compared to wild plants or outside harvests.

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