Best Place to Put a Greenhouse | 8 Main Factors

The selection of the right place for a greenhouse is very important. Just like we take care of the quality of seeds, soil fertility, and many other factors, we need to consider this one too. If we carefully plan what we want to grow and how we want to erect it, the process becomes easier. Decide the scale of the system depending on where you want to establish it. It will be smaller at home and large at commercial level growth.

Overall, sorting out these factors will allow you to further concentrate on the best place to put a greenhouse.

Best Place to Put A Greenhouse – Where to Site a Greenhouse

Best Place to Put A Greenhouse

To ensure success, you have to take at least 8 main factors into account before you make the final decision about greenhouse location and how to start it. Let’s explain the main factors one by one.


Many people establish the greenhouse without considering how much sun does a greenhouse need. It is one of the most crucial factors that we cannot ignore. Plants require sunlight for specific hours during the day. Some need a smaller number of hours while others need more.

So, based on what plants you are growing in it, choose the location where they get the ideal amount on daily basis. They can develop different deficiencies just because of a lack of sunlight. So, make sure that you keep this factor in mind.


According to research, every plant needs almost 1 gallon of water every day for 10-12 inches plant container. It is their need for evaporative cooling. Overall, one acre of the plant would need around 1 to 15 thousand gallons for this purpose. So, you need to choose the location where the supply of water is in enough amounts. It should at least be able to supply daily requirement so that the plants remain hydrated and grow normally. Along with this water, the nutrient supply is also crucial. So, you must add that to it and then water the plants.


Elevation directly impacts the summer and winter temperatures. You have to consider the elevation during the process of site selection because that will require you to design the greenhouse accordingly. For instance, you are looking for a high elevation, this means that the cooling system should be strong enough to counter the higher temperatures for plants. It will play a huge role in maintaining the quality of plants that you are growing inside, so consider this factor to choose the best place for a greenhouse.


As we know that there are so many things that have a direct impact on our environment. For instance, there are mountains and trees around the greenhouse, they will have a shade on the system. In this way, the microclimate of the greenhouse will be different from the place where there is no such environment is available.

Growing the greenhouse in partial shade is possible for some plants while deadly for others. That’s why to consider the type of plants that you are planning to grow, and then decide the location that provides the best microclimate.

Pest Control

Pest Control

Pest infestation is very common in agricultural areas. So, if you have such areas around, then try to build the greenhouse away from them. If you can not afford to go away from that, then there is a need for a buffer zone.

Make sure that you create it so that the pests of agricultural land do not enter your field. They can destroy the plats in a greenhouse in a matter of few days only because they are sensitive compared to others. That is why you have to be careful about this before choosing the right place. Also, learn How to Keep Bugs Out of Greenhouse

Leveling Of Soil

Your outdoor greenhouse location should be on a leveled soil. Make sure that it is not bumpy or slopy because of this factor everything about the greenhouse. Other than this, the drainage system should be very good, and for that its grading is very important. There should be at least a 6-inch drop in 100 feet of ground area. One more thing about it is important that the soil is compacted with tools so that the greenhouse could stand firmly on it. So, try to choose the place where the soil is like this, or convert the soil into this form before establishing a greenhouse.


For greenhouse location, orientation is also very important. According to the experts, the orientation of the greenhouse should always be north-south. Also, the plants present in it should have the same direction as the whole system.

This is especially important in the case of southern latitudes. If you successfully place it in that direction, the maximum amount of sunlight can reach the plants. Along with this, you will be able to establish the best possible ventilation system in it.


The management of your greenhouse must be close by. For instance, you have a backyard greenhouse and someone takes care of it. You have to make sure that the residence of that person is near to the system. This is especially important in case of an emergency. So, take good care of this factor too while locating it somewhere. It should be in easy access to you and the workers.

Best location for a greenhouse gardening

For better understanding, we have found an interesting video about greenhouse locations for gardening. Let’s see!


We are sure that the above information would be a great help for you to choose the best location for a greenhouse. Consider every factor because each one of them has its importance. Skipping a single one can become a source of problem for the system, and more importantly, for your plants. Therefore, make sure that you follow all the above points, learn them by heart, and then place the greenhouse.

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