15 Most Profitable Greenhouse Crops for Maximum Profit

Greenhouse farming will help you enjoy a lucrative income per year. Undoubtedly, the average profits will be $11,000 to $20,000 each year by planting the right crops and following the proper procedure.

Now, to be successful in this business, you will need to have adequate knowledge about plants and their growth requirements. At the same time, it’s important to consider the potential profits they can bring you.

In this content, I’m going to share 15 most profitable greenhouse crops that give you maximum returns. After reading this content, you’ll learn about the most profitable greenhouse vegetables you can farm in your spare time.

Why Should You Grow Greenhouse Crops for Maximum Profit?

“Greenhouse Crops! But why? I can grow crops in the field.”

If you’re thinking this, then you may not have considered the benefits of greenhouse farming.

For starters, it allows you to control the environment in which your crops grow. This means you can control the amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients your plants receive. This results in higher-quality crops.

Now, let’s see some possible reasons why you should grow greenhouse plants.

1) To increase your income:

This is the most common reason why farmers choose to grow greenhouse crops. By farming plants in a greenhouse, you can achieve a higher yield.

2)  To get year-round production:

Another advantage is that you can grow crops all year round. This is because you can control the environment where plants can grow even in winter.

3) To improve the quality of your product:

As I mentioned before, one of the benefits is controlling the environment in which your plants grow. This allows you to produce higher-quality plants.

4) Disease-free environment:

Greenhouse farming provides a disease-free environment for your plants. This is because you can control the amount of humidity and temperature of the farming area.

What Are the Most Profitable Greenhouse Crops?

Most profitable plants to grow and sell

Generally, all plants that require a controlled environment for their growth are called greenhouse species. These include both annual and perennial plants. You can’t grow all the plants at a controlled temperature area. Some plants don’t require a controlled environment and can be grown in the open field.

So, which are the best greenhouse crops that give you maximum returns? Here is a list of 15 most profitable plants that you can grow.

1) Garlic, Onions, and Shallots: Garlic, Onions, and Shallots have a huge demand on the market. It’s not only used in cooking but also has medicinal values. These are the first and main ingredients in any dish. They have a long storage life and you can get a good price for them.

2) Herbs: The demand for herbs is always high as they are used in both cooking and medicines. Some of the most popular herbs include Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Cilantro, and mint. You can grow them in a small space and it doesn’t require much care.

3) Mushrooms: Who doesn’t love to eat mushrooms in Pizza, pasta or any other dish? In the market, the demand for mushrooms is always high. You can grow oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and button mushrooms and sell them fresh or dried.

4) Strawberries: Are you a juice lover?  If yes, then you know how delicious strawberry juice is. They are used in various beverages and have a great demand on the market. You can cultivate them in the greenhouse and get a good price for them.

5) Hops: Do you know what beer is made of? It’s made of water, yeast, and hops. Hops are the key ingredient in brewing beer. They have a bitter taste and are used as a flavoring agent. You can grow hops and sell them to breweries or home brewers.

6) Ginseng: Ginseng is the source of high energy. The people who have a busy lifestyle use it as a dietary supplement. On the other hand, if you have any types of sexual illness then it is the perfect dish for you. In Thailand and other countries, it has a great economic value.

7) Vanilla: Vanilla is a kind of edible fruit that is used to flavor various food items like ice cream, pudding, chocolate, etc. It has a sweet taste and aromatic fragrance. It has a high medicinal demand for the female. During the period of a woman,  it is used as a home remedy to release pain. You can supply it on the local market.

8) Lettuce: Are you a crazy burger lover?  You must have had a burger with fresh lettuce. Lettuce has a great demand in the market. These are the best greenhouse plants for profit. You can supply it to the local restaurant and get a good price for it.

9) Peppers: There are two types of peppers- sweet peppers and chili peppers. Both types have a great demand in the market. You can supply it to the local market and get a good profit.

10) Spinach: Are you a big fan of Popeye? Spinach is rich in iron and used to treat anemia. Besides,  it has a great demand to make baby food. It’s possible to cultivate it in the greenhouse and sell it for a good price.

11) Cucumbers: Cucumbers are not only popular for its taste but also for its cooling effect. It has 96% water content and is used in various salads. Females use it to get rid of dark circles. You can earn a lot of money by growing cucumbers in your greenhouse.

12) Tomatoes: Tomato is a very common yet popular fruit. It is used daily in various cuisines. Good quality tomatoes can be sold at a higher price. You can get a higher yield if you grow tomatoes in a temperature-controlled area.

13) Microgreens:  Microgreens are the young seedlings of vegetables and herbs. They are very popular among health-conscious people as they are packed with nutrients. They have a milder flavor than their mature counterparts. You can grow microgreens and sell them at a higher price.

14) Lavender: Do you love the smell of lavender? It has a very calming effect. Lavender is used in various soaps, perfumes, and oils. Produce lavender and sell them for a profit.

15) Saffron: The most expensive spice in the world is saffron. It is used in various cuisines and has a very distinct flavor. You may produce and sell saffron at a greater price.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Most Profitable Greenhouse Crops?

To get massive success in greenhouse farming, you must grow the right crops that have a huge market demand and also offer good profits. There are a lot of factors that should be considered while choosing the most profitable crops. Some of the important factors are discussed below.

1. Weather conditions: The type of climate or weather conditions prevailing in your region is one of the most important factors to consider. You must select the yield that can grow and thrive well in the prevailing weather conditions. It depends on your region.

2. Soil type and quality: The soil type and quality are the 2nd important factor. Different yields need different types of soil for their growth. For example, some yields need well-drained sandy loam soil. On the other hand, others prefer clayey loam soil. So, it is very important to know about the soil type and quality of your region before selecting the yields.

3. Market demand: The 3rd important factor is market demand. You have to choose such yield varieties that have a great market demand. It will help you to get good profits.

4. Pest and disease resistance: The 4th factor is pest and disease resistance. You must choose such yield varieties that are resistant to pests and diseases. It will reduce your production cost and also increase your profits.


What is the best cash crop for a small firm?

Mushrooms, hops, and ginseng are all great options for a small firm. Mushrooms are the most versatile yield you can grow, with their ability to be grown in all different climates. Ginseng is a versatile yield that can be grown in all types of environments. Hops are another excellent yield for small firms. They’re easy to grow even if you don’t have much experience with agriculture. They produce a very high yield per acre.

Is greenhouse farming a profitable business?

Greenhouses are an ideal way to start a profitable farming business. Because you can grow your own food and sell it at the same time. You can generate $15,000 to $20,000 per year. They use less space than a traditional farm. So, we can say that the greenhouse is a profitable farming business.

Can I make money with greenhouse farming?

Yes, you can make money with greenhouse farming. Even if you’re not a farmer, there are many ways to make money with this farming type. If you want to sell your produce at the market, then you need a greenhouse farm that is big enough for planting more than one crop at a time. You can sell your vegetables through Facebook pages or websites.

Final Words

If you want to increase your monthly income besides your Job, then greenhouse farming is a great option. But, it is important to know which crops are most profitable to grow. We have already discussed the top 15 most profitable greenhouse yields in this article.

You can select 5 to 6 crops from the list according to your soil type. Don’t forget to do market research before starting. I hope this article will help you to make your final decision. Thanks for your great effort.

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